Sacred Geometry Patch Grids & Layouts



Working and exploring with other intuitive practitioners has been an interesting and exciting time. Together, we have brought many new pieces to the circle of information which has helped so many accelerate healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level.Because of the discoveries we are making, I know that we can see these benefits on a societal and global level, as well as agriculture and technology.


One of the intuitive discoveries brought to me from Karen Erickson, Reiki Master and animal communicator, was that of sacred geometry layouts for the patches. These layouts are included with the personal harmonics kits. Previous to using these layouts, (1) we simply laid a patch or combination of patches where the energy was blocked. Then we started to see patches being laid along the entire chakra system. As we were guided to weave additional color frequencies, we discovered a progression:


* Clear an issue or block
* Clear a complex or miasmic block
* Integrate energy through the opened matrix
* Fortify integration of specific simple energies
* Regenerate new cellular structure


Inter-dimensional connections are made through layouts of ReikiWeave patches in sacred geometry patterns. Not only do these patterns align the body and the matrix, but they connect you with specific types of information (a language, if you will) that is integrated on a cellular level.


The process of opening up the matrix with (2) the clearing technique which is on our CD and working with the Personal Harmonics Kit is the beginning. When using these sacred geometry layouts after  aligning the chakras and opening up and fortifying the body’s matrix energy system, the ability to process information of an expanded nature from other dimensions happens at a cellular level, integrating new systems, situations, and ways of doing things. Choose a pattern or let a pattern choose you, taking you wherever you need to go to process information.


For this post, we will discuss two layouts of great importance for this time period. The (4)  Tree of Life as Karen calls it) helps align the entire structure to achieve the highest potential and “put things right.” I laid this pattern out on the floor and performed Tai Chi over it. I felt my bones shift into a new and more powerful structure.



The next layout combines the energy of (5) Arcturian and Orion energies. Arcturus for its strong indigo nature: clear strong, steadfast, unstoppable. Orion for its compassion, love, and peace. When I first saw the Orion layout, I knew we could travel to many star systems using the sacred geometry “maps” to gather information. As I was shown that we need Arcturus and Orion layouts combined and what it looked like, I almost fell over. This is the sacred geometry pattern we have been weaving all along! We just needed color harmonics to open us up so we could receive this and other energies that are very much needed right now.



The (6) hexagonal layout works on heart and survival issues. It balances out the base (first) chakra, and opens the heart (fifth) chakra, allowing the energy to connect, move up, and then expand out. When layouts are complete, you may go back and add additional patches to expand the harmonics at specific points or fill in the overall layout. The number of patches used may also be related to what the body is ready to process. Please feel free to put any color (or group of colors) where needed. For those of you who have been with me and using the ReikiWeave fabrics since 1997, this has been quite a journey. But the truth is, the real journey is about to begin. As you work with the ReikiWeave patches please allow for the patterns and ways you use them to evolve. Read more about the colors here.


Watch children play with them–they do the most amazing things. I watched a fifteen-month-old child “play” with the Chakra Set for twenty minutes, stacking and grouping colors in threes and then arranging them in geometric layouts. When she was done, she got up and walked away. Some children will put them on their body, or hold them instinctively where they need them. One grandmother leaves the patches out on the coffee table, where grandchildren and other family members pick them up and stroke them, wear them, and put them back–sometimes unaware they were doing anything.  Placement of patches around the house or room has also been a popular way to balance the energy of a space.


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