About ReikiWeave

Mary Hoyer is a visionary, Reiki Master, and internationally renown weaver who has been weaving tapestries for corporate and private collections since 1972. After receiving an ancient Tibetan symbol representing Divine love in a vision in 1995, she began weaving this sacred geometry in combination with 82 different color harmonic chords into ReikiWeave cloth.

She discovered that this symbol of Divine Love

  • aligns the chakras
  • opens the heart
  • connects with a multi-dimensional energy field
  • clearing and opening up all channels of communication with the higher self

As a result, practitioners who use it find that their

  • tools and techniques combined with it work deeper, faster, and in a balanced way for their clients.
  • Whatever you place on it or use with it is amplified and broadcast through these channels.
  • The encoded frequencies heighten intuition, creativity, and unlock doors to answers to your deepest questions and mysteries.

“I am so passionate about creativity and intuition because it can make you feel truly alive and connected with the highest and most joyful part of your being. Intuition and creativity are the conduit between the Divine and an expression of that Divine self that we are. It is sacred and holy and a promise we made before we came into this life. It is also our connection to a place beyond the mind where the ultimate answers to life’s challenges reside. The mission of ReikiWeave is to spread the energy and message of Divine Love worldwide because ‘Love is the answer, no matter what the question’”.

Mary continues to apply her research in the field of energy medicine combined with her interest in genealogy and inherited patterns to explore how opening up multi-dimensional communication can lead to greater states of wellness and being.


The Vision of ReikiWeave

Hear from Reiki Master and ReikiWeave founder, Mary Hoyer, as she tells the inspirational story of the world’s first Reiki cloth.