With Other Tools


Combining With Other Tools and Modalities


Like many other practitioners, I have a wide variety of tools and techniques at my disposal. Before working on myself or others I always ask for clarity and guidance as to what is best used at this time. When doing “table” work, I usually start with a purple/periwinkle or gold cloth under my client. The purple is used most often because I find that it relaxes, aligns chakras, energizes, alkalinizes or just generally balances and opens the systems of the 3rd-4th dimensional bodies.


Sometimes the body will muscle test that it wants the gold cloth. We generally see an energy which is gently washing through the aura, smoothing it out, and opening communication with all dimensional bodies. I am always sure to allow enough time for this smoothing and clearing action. This is generally a signal that the body wants and is ready for deeper work. The cloth may be laid on top of the client, which facilitates easier removal if the client does not need it throughout the treatment. I find that this sets up an interdimensional field of energy which goes beyond the physical dimensions of the cloth. Then it is possible to proceed with the chosen modality required, such as Reiki, massage, reflexology, chiropractic, etc.


Occasionally I notice areas of the physical body or aura where blocked energy is not moving. At this point, I ask what is needed. Essential oils and other vibrational substances may be applied. I then ask if a cloth or patches will assist. Which colors? How long? Should they be layered?




Pets (like Mango the Bunny, above) also enjoy our Reikiweave cloth. Hypothetical Example: Client has stiffness in shoulders and is laying on purple/periwinkle cloth which generally relaxes muscles. In this case, they are still blocked. Essential oils have also been applied. The real issue exists 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensionally: a tendency to shoulder the weight of the world and its problems. The gold cloth is applied across the shoulders and back. A magenta patch is added on top. Three minutes later, the shoulders release.


What has happened? The energies of the purple/periwinkle cloth have been translated and communicated at each level of dimensional bodies– including the source recreating the energy. The purple/periwinkle will work by itself when dealing with 3rd and 4th dimensional issues. The gold is needed to take it deeper. The magenta–also broadcast inter-dimensionally–healed the heart and depression.


Other areas of the body may require cloth and patches and can be incorporated with techniques involving movement. Be sure to muscle test to see how long to leave the fabric on. If adding fabrics to other blocked areas, muscle test to see if they should be done one section at a time or overlapped.


Combinations of patches are quite powerful, as is the ivory/gold cloth, and should be used with attention to the action on the whole system.


Example one: At a demonstration at a conference, a woman who wanted to experience the cloth insisted on layering the gold cloth with the ivory/gold cloth. This is a very powerful combination. After three minutes, she said, “Wow, this is doing something.” After ten minutes, she said, “I’ve had enough,” and sat up on the table. She began to spin in a three foot diameter circle. I held her shoulders so that she didn’t fling herself off the table. I took the two cloths off her and laid the purple across her shoulders. She stopped moving. We put a grounding blend of oils on her feet and she came back into her body. I don’t want to take someone out too fast; I want to give them time to reintegrate in their physical body.


In this particular case, another practitioner saw the entities being ripped off the client left and right. Later, when I saw the woman, her eyes (which had dark circles before) were clear and bright and the dark energy which I had seen in her aura was now clear. I generally don’t advise such swift movement of energy as it can be hard on the body, but apparently this was what her higher self wanted.


As a practitioner, I often wear the ivory/gold to keep my aura clear of any unwanted energies attaching. If at any time I feel like the energy is too strong for me or I need grounding, I can put on a purple/periwinkle scarf or cloth. I also ask the energy to work only on the client. I can feel it shift at that point. This happened at times when putting patches on the gold cloth.


The nature of this work is deep and profound. Clients can move through blocks in minutes instead of much longer periods of time. It is important to end a treatment by fully grounding and integrating the client. I give them time to come back. I can see the energy continue to work on them. While this is going on, I encourage them to drink lots of water and support the organs of elimination as well as other systems of the body. Movement is also helpful.


Example two: A client who carried the vibration for heavy metals in all of her vibrational bodies cleared her 4th-8th dimensional bodies during the treatment using the clearing proclamation. The 3rd dimensional body must now release the residue and deal with the damages incurred from the presence of these toxins. Heavy metals destroy friendly bacteria in the intestines, collect in the kidneys, stress the adrenal glands, are absorbed in the one (blocking calcium absorption), create residues in the brain, and break off dendrites affecting thought process and dementia. Parasites can also be an issue. Considering all of the above adjustments in the diet, herbal combinations, homeopathics and tinctures, color patches, LOTS of water, and movement can help support the body.


We have found that with the use of the harmonic energy cloth, it is possible to clear all dimensional bodies. Because the cellular memory is not recreating the condition, the physical dimensional body can clear much faster.



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