These are a few of the ways customers have used Reikiweave sacred geometry cloth and the results they have gotten. All products use the sacred symbol for Divine Love which opens up multi-dimensional healing and communication taking the energy deeper and faster. Different colors have been used where noted and combined with various energetic techniques and tools. Not everyone will have the same results as the combinations of issues needed to be addressed are unique for each person and situation. Use your intuition and the assistance of a trained practitioner for the best results. This information is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition but to use as an adjunct to other tools and remedies to balance and enhance them.


Carpal tunnel syndrome

“I could hardly get the largest wristband [ten inches] on. My wrists were that swollen. Now [the band] looks two sizes too big and I can pick up a glass of water and drink from it for the first time in three months. Thank you.”

Insomnia for many years

Adult man reported that he could easily get to sleep within minutes while wearing purple/periwinkle wristbands.

Four year old boy — Hyperactive, hard to put to bed

His parents: “We wrapped the purple/periwinkle shawl around him … and he was out in 3 minutes. We couldn’t believe it. He’s usually up til midnight.”

Comment: Even when we are tired, sometimes we can’t get to sleep due to stress, over-stimulation, and chemical imbalances. Our tests using blood work show the pH starting to balance in two minutes after applying the purple/periwinkle cloth. The body can now relax enough to go to sleep.

Broken toe, bruised foot

“The doctors sent me home with a prescription for pain killers. I put the purple cloth and the gold cloth on the foot. After twenty minutes, the pain was gone. After thirty minutes, the foot turned from black/blue to pink–no more bruises. I’ve had broken bones before, but I’ve never seen them heal like this!”

Comment: Purple/periwinkle is often used for pain, oxygenation, relaxation. After adding the gold, we have observed all dimensions being cleared of attached energies, as well as receiving the benefits of the purple/periwinkle energy.

Sprained arm from falling off a garage roof

His wife had this to say: “He was so stiff and sore, it took half an hour to get him into bed. I laid the gold cloth on his arm and I saw this energy washing the field around his arm and suddenly it went right in. He slept with the cloth on his arm/shoulder area and it healed quickly.” TH

Spider bite, swollen arm

“I laid the purple cloth on my arm, and within minutes the swelling went down.”

Comment: We have noticed that the purple/periwinkle cloth has an alkalinizing affect which may have reduced the effects of toxins in the blood.

Sore kidneys, detoxing aluminum

“I wrapped the purple/periwinkle scarf around my kidneys… 5 minutes later, the swelling and soreness was gone.”

Allergies, stuffy sinuses

After wearing turquoise/gold for 5 minutes: “My sinuses are opening up. I can breathe better.”

Severe menstrual cramping

“The cramps had gotten so bad that the homeopathic remedies and oils which normally worked were no longer effective. I put on the turquoise/gold and within two minutes I was getting relief.” KH

Sending long distance healing

“I felt there was a form of entity attachment. With permission from the child’s mother, I placed the child’s handwritten name on the gold cloth. Then I placed the ivory/gold cloth on top while speaking with the mother over the telephone. The mother reported a change in behavior of the daughter and that her eyes began to change in minutes. They reported a significant improvement in behavior over the next three days.” PA

Dream work

“I placed the ivory/gold cloth under my pillow and had the most vivid dreams ever. In the morning, I was able to journal with clarity and detail.”

Pain in jaw

“I had been working with vibrational remedies to clear infection in the bone. I got this piercing pain in my jaw. After wrapping the turquoise/purple scarf around my head, it soothed the pain and I was able to sleep.”


“I was tired and had to be on my feet all day. The turquoise/purple wristbands did the trick, giving me a nice, even energy boost all day.”

Crystal clearing

“I have a collection of crystals I now keep on the gold harmonics cloth. It cleans the crystal like nothing else I”ve tried– and you should see the energy coming off them! I also carry the smaller 5″ x 7″ version rolled up in my purse. It really helps when I eat out and have digestive problems. I just place it on my stomach to clear discomforts.”


“When I just can’t focus, I put on my purple/periwinkle wristbands and have a great study session.”


“While taking remedies for bone infection, I experienced aching in my bones. I laid on a gold runner, and then a gold shawl from head to toe. Fifteen minutes later, the aching was gone.”


“Recently, I have been experimenting with the gold cloth for headaches. Usually, the gold cloth doubled on top of my head begins to give relief in three minutes. Another time, I placed the turquoise/purple cloth on my pillow and laid my jaw on it while suffering an infection. It was very soothing. For the same condition, I have also wrapped the long scarf around my head turban-style with one side hanging down so I could lay it over my jaw. It felt so good.”

Pinched nerve

“I had been suffering constant pain from a pinched nerve in my neck due to a car accident. I began wearing the purple scarf at the office, at home, and to bed. I wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence until I went to a wedding without it and the pain returned.”

Comment: Combining the gold with the purple at an appropriate time may have helped take it to a deeper healing beyond temporary relief.


“I wear my shawl for meditation. Not only does it keep the chill off, but it also calms and centers the mind.”