Healing Patches


Using Patches for Healing


An assortment of patches


The first personal harmonics kit consisted of 12 patches made from our ivory, creme, and gold harmonic energy cloths. Each is trimmed in a different color vibration. In my vision, these were combined and color chords or harmonic vibrations were created which affect the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Because the symbol is woven in gold, these color harmonics are broadcast throughout all of the dimensional bodies. This divinely directed energy is translated, adjusted, and balanced at each level to bring about open communication with our divine nature, restoring us to our highest potential on all levels. Any blocks or distortions in the inter-dimensional matrix (which allows for this divine communication) are repaired and restored to wholeness. 


Six additional sets of patches are now available, created with more advanced and in-depth work in mind. There are many ways to use these patches as they set up inter-dimensional fields of energy. Objects that you wish to clear of lower vibrations can be set on the patch. We have noticed an increase in frequency and overall effectiveness of these objects. Also see our newsletter for an article about sacred geometry layouts for the patches.


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