Clearing Issues


Clearing and Raising Energy (Including Issues)


Some examples of what may be placed on the patches:

  • Crystals
  • Herbs
  • Essential oils
  • Water or food
  • Vitamins
  • Prescription medications
  • Vibrational remedies


Usually, I have found that fifteen minutes is sufficient for maximum effect. I also like to dowse questions such as frequency before and after using the patches, or to intuit the presence of unwanted energies. I also use the patches as broadcasting devices, by simply setting the desired remedy, affirmation, and person’s name on the patch(es). I have observed that the energy is divinely adjusted and pulsed to the person both long distance and nearby.



Quite a few of our clients dowse each morning or simply choose intuitively the patch colors needed for the day. Usually, two or three are chosen and placed in a pocket or near a part of the body most needing work. When injured or in pain, the patches have been held in that area for ten minutes, or until symptoms disappeared. I have had the experience where one patch helped only a little but when adding the additional color needed, the discomfort disappeared. Many persons have asked us what the colors do. There are many books on color healing which are helpful in understanding the action of color (Let There Be Light by Darius Dinshah is one of my favorites) but we have found that many times the effectiveness has gone beyond this somewhat limited information. I prefer to muscle test the body, as it communicates what is needed, translating and adjusting as it goes through the dimensional layers. The following is a brief summary of what we have observed combining colors and our symbol:


  • Turquoise stimulated the thymus gland and was also a great balancer in the body.
  • Gold had a clearing and tonifying action in the body.
  • Purple stimulated the pineal gland.
  • Turquoise and gold helpful with PMS, cramping, allergies, radiation, effects of chemicals, and assimilation of nutrients in the body.
  • When combined with purple, we have seen miasmic conditions of the brain affected.


Because the detoxing and rebuilding of the body’s matrix is like a symphony, I found it is best to ask what the body wants. Sometimes the organs of elimination want support during detoxification, followed by rest, balancing, and rebuilding. In using the intuitive process, we always ask for what is in the highest and best interest at this time. This answer can shift along with the body’s needs.

Clearing Issues


Blocks in the matrix of light bodies within the aura can be experienced physically, mentally, financially, in relationships, and in tasks or occupations. They are all energies. The following proclamation can be used while holding the patches (or simply viewing it here on-screen) to clear such blocks. Focusing on the issue, say: “This energy or issue and all energies or issues attached to it at all levels of my being are  healed and made whole in divine love energy to infinity.”


Turquoise patch

After doing this, I close my eyes, take slow, balanced breaths, and feel a gentle washing of energy throughout my body. After two minutes, I usually feel that my 4th-8th dimensional bodies have cleared. The energies often continue to work on me as it helps to clear the physical body. I have found that drinking lots of water, moving and flexing my body, and supporting the systems of my body clear these energies more easily. For me, it generally takes three hours to three days to move these energies though. If the body has fully flushed the residues and effects of that issue, I have not felt it return unless it is associated with another issue which has not been cleared. It is my feeling that it can only manifest if the vibration that creates it is still present.


The patches may also be incorporated with our other products and laid on the body during a treatment to move blocked energy. When laying patches on the gold harmonic energy cloth (or someone on it), I have experienced a broadcasting of the energy to the entire room or building. I ask for it to stay with the person needing it, then feel it shift back to them.


I also place the patches on our Crystal Clearing Cloth to broadcast to a person or place. To be certain, I always muscle test or dowse for length of time and other remedies. As I have worked with this energy, I have become attuned to it and find that I can call on it without having products on hand. The purpose of this work is to clear distorted energies from the matrix of bodies so that we can clearly broadcast the energy of divine love. As more of us become clear broadcasters of the divine energies and will, we will see everything around us shifting because our vibration will affect it.


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