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As I continued to explore using my cloths with various modalities, I had the opportunity to have a cranio-sacral treatment combined with my Reikiweave cloth.


The practitioner sat on the ivory/gold cloth and laid the buttercreme/ gold cloth on top of me. What happened surprised both of us as we observed the following.


After some initial massage work with essential oils on my back, I turned over for the cranio-sacral portion of the treatment. At this point, the Reikiweave cloth was applied. As Olga held my head in her hands, we saw one light being at my feet, lifting one foot at a time, gently adjusting and moving each leg. Then two other light beings came up to work on my back, making gentle movements along the vertebrae. They placed star-like light at various points of my body that needed work and an emerald light at my throat and the base of my neck. At that moment, a shaft of white light shot down my spine and back up. A group of thirty other light beings stood around the massage table, toning healing sounds. As I watched, the perspective changed and I was looking over their shoulders, sending energy to them as they toned to my body.


As Olga continued to hold my head in a slumped-over posture, she felt one of the light beings behind her give her a swift shove to sit up straight and a shaft of light came through her crown chakra, down to her tailbone, back up her head and out through her hands. The energy expanded out through the room. We were both quite moved by the experience.


At our next session a week later, we wondered how many beings might show up. Using the same cloths, we began the cranio-sacral treatment. This time, a group of about seventy light beings appeared, ready to begin their work on me. A voice said, “We let you see us, now let us do our work.” Then they put me in the white light–that was all there was, nothing for my mind to watch and take mental note of. I was supposed to just “be.” Even the act of watching was at another level a form of “doing,” and I was to let go and let them do the work.


The experiences of other practitioners working with the cloth have echoed the above story. Often the masters have directed (“Use this oil, hold the feet”, etc.). They want us to see that real healing comes from our “source” and that we are only partners in the process. We are not the “do-er”, only the physical connection “assisting” in this space.


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