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Using Our Other Products


The cloth we weave is woven in a variety of color energies and cut into different shapes and sizes, making a variety of applications possible.  These cloths have been used for clearing crystals, broadcasting remedies and affirmations, and as personal altar cloths. They have been laid on the torso and other parts of the body. When doubled and quadrupled and placed on the head, they have been great for certain kinds of headaches. Because of their balancing effect on both hemispheres of the brain, they are great for meditation and can be placed under the pillow or bed sheets for dream work and general clearing of the body. The 5″ x 7″, for example, rolls up to the size of a pen and can easily fit into a pocket or purse for quick use on the body, especially digestive complaints.


When I use them under or on top of the body, I notice they set up an energy field broadcasting the color frequencies along with the balancing effects of the symbol. These cloths can be laid vertically or horizontally on the body. They can also be layered. I like to muscle test or dowse for what the body wants and for how long before adding other cloths, patches, oils, crystals, or other tools. The stronger energies such as patch combinations, ivory or turquoise cloths are sometimes used with stubborn blocks for as little as a few minutes after the body has been gently opened up with the gold or purple/periwinkle cloth. I have observed that when the gold symbol is combined with any of the other colors, it broadcasts to all dimensional levels.


Scarves  These scarves can be laid down the chakras or wrapped around arms and legs. They make great head wraps and hip/kidney sashes. I have worn them when my body was detoxing and needed balancing. One client wore our 10″ x 72″ scarf like a shawl with a half knot over the heart chakra and upper lung to open energy in these centers.


Wristbands Our wristbands have been enjoyed by young and old alike. They are sized for 5, 6, 7, and 8 inch wrists with an adjustable Velcro closure, and are available in two of our most popular color combinations: turquoise/purple and purple/periwinkle. They are most effective when worn in pairs and can be mixed (one of each color) to balance energies in the body. See our Testimonials page for stories from our customers who have used the wristbands to enhance relaxation, focus, energy, and address pain issues. I have seen multiple wristbands connected together for swollen ankles, legs, and arms, as well as for headaches.


Shawls, blankets, and massage table runners The first products that we produced were shawls, blankets, and massage table runners. Besides the obvious uses, clients in wheelchairs have used the 24″ x 60″ runners like a hip length shawl or lap blanket. Other clients have used shawls during treatment on the massage table. The 36″ x 36″ baby blankets have been laid on a diagonal like a diamond to cover the chakras during bodywork. Our purple/periwinkle cloth is noted for its relaxing effect and has been popular for getting children and adults to sleep easily. It is most often the first cloth that a practitioner uses on a client.



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