What The Colors Do


What The Colors Do: Our Observations


We discovered that when the symbol of divine love is woven in gold, this cloth opens communication between all dimensional bodies. The effect is a soft “washing” of the energy fields in all dimensional bodies. Also we found that whatever you combine with the gold symbol is broadcast throughout all of the dimensional bodies. This includes the use of colors, crystals, essential oils, remedies, and various other healing techniques.


Attributes of the Colors
(according to what we have observed)

Colors may be combined & layered. Always muscle test or dowse


  • Relaxes muscle and mental tension, grounds, and focuses
  • Reduces swelling, decreases pain, increases oxygen content
  • Supports brain function, increases ability to focus
  • Energizes, stimulates thymus gland
  • Connects higher heart and mind at deep level for deeper healing
  • Helps clear issues relating to chemicals, infection, and miasm
  • Best if used after purple/periwinkle
  • Eases symptoms of allergies, PMS
  • Balances systems and nutrition of body
  • Supports immune system
  • Grounding, balancing, warming, oxygenating
  • Helpful in transmuting toxic energy
  • Light, balancing
  • cooling, oxygenating, purifying
  • Strengthening pituitary/pineal connection
  • Strengthen bone and pituitary
  • Fortify connection between upper and lower chakras
  • Grounding when there is a tendency to leave the body
  • Connects upper chakras with lower chakras
  • Helpful in transmuting toxic energies
  • Purifies upper chakras
  • Clears and opens communication with all dimensional bodies
  • Has a cleansing and rebuilding effect
  • Expands and accelerates energy
  • Clears headaches when fabric is folded (doubled and quadrupled) and placed on head
  • Like gold/butter, but swifter and stronger. Use carefully.
  • Use for meditation and intuitive work, also entity removal and protection.
  • Stimulates adrenal glands
  • Calms and focuses the mind
Magenta/Turquoise Green
  • Balances temperature and circulation in the body
  • Rebuild tissue
  • Balance circulation
  • Auric builder
  • Addresses deep bone and lung issues
  • Auric builder
  • Addresses heart and adrenal gland issues
  • Supports and expedites emotional release of depression, hurt and stress
  • Balances circulation


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