The Vision


An Introduction from Mary Hoyer, Reiki Weaver and founder of ReikiWeave Products


Many events in our lives nudge us along to find out things we need to know. In my case, it was a recurring illness. In my search for answers that would get at the source of what was creating and recreating my condition, I found myself in a workshop utilizing sound therapy. During one of the sound sessions, I had a vision which began my journey with the healing cloth. The guided visualization took me by airplane to a cloud. Once there, I began to spin the clouds into yarn, like cotton candy through my fingers. As I warped a loom with it, it turned into light. The symbol appeared as I wove this fabric, which I knew was healing. I was told that this was the only symbol for me to weave and that the various forms it would take would be revealed in time.

Later, during my second degree Reiki training, I was shown this symbol by my Reiki Master and told it was the ancient Tibetan symbol of divine love. This “angel” symbol, as I called it, was used by some Reiki practitioners to align  the chakras and open the heart center, bringing about a feeling of balance and peace. I spent the two years that followed developing  the weave structure, and then purchased the dobby loom necessary to make it a reality. Since then, we have continually been testing the fabric and developing various products utilizing it. My own healing journey continues, as information and healing often happens in layers so that we can process it.


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