The mission of ReikiWeave Products is to spread the energy and message of divine

love worldwide. Our vehicle is a handwoven chenille cloth incorporating an ancient

sacred symbol for divine love combined with high frequency colors. This symbol has a

balancing and harmonious effect wherever it is used. With focused intention,

ReikiWeave blessing patches have been used effectively for guided imagery, bodywork,

and gift giving worldwide.
Testing done by Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technologies & Techniques shows that

random energy is converted to coherent energy (harmonious and balanced) when the

ReikiWeave design is applied as well as an increase of frequency (energy). With this

in mind, ReikiWeave Products have been used to attune food, water, remedies,

medications, plumbing and electrical devices in order that we may raise the

frequency of the world around and within us.

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), father of homeopathy, said “Change the frequency

and you change the matter.” By first raising our personal frequency, and then

affecting the frequency of the world around us, we can truly create the environment

for peace and love.