Licensing The Design


Licensing The Design


ReikiWeave Products have been used to balance and harmonize energy as well as raise frequency. Testing has shown that the benefits can be carried in printed form as well as woven. Besides wearing the cloth, customers have experimented with applying it to:


  • Computers
  • Car engines
  • Essential oils, herbs, and remedies
  • Tools and instruments
  • Light bulbs
  • Water
  • Journals
  • Crystals
  • Personal care products


The results reported included:


  • “Smoother, faster, and deeper results”
  • “Turning random energy into coherent energy”
  • “Harmonizing”
  • “Increase of frequency, communication, and performance”


We will be licensing our design for use in clothing, home interior products, technology, tools, personal care products, water and food products. If you are a like-minded company that  would like to license our design,  contact us here.


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