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The Spring of 2000 brought more new insights. The vision that came opened my eyes to how this symbol was working and how we could accelerate many forms of healing and raise tools to a higher potential.

In this particular vision, I was shown a 6-sided, elongated geometric shape repeated and connected (similar to the form a honeycomb takes), first in two dimensions, then in 3D. It formed a matrix containing channels which connected from 3D to the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions, and then just formless energy. Along those channels were dark spots signifying distorted energies. I saw the light pushing through the channels but as it snagged on the blocks, the light was altered and not all of it could be experienced in its wholeness. Each time the light pulsed, it would repeat the altered pattern. This meant that even as these distortions were being cleared in the third and fourth dimensional bodies, they could be recreated if the block existed at a deeper dimensional body.

This opened my eyes to why we recreate conditions in our life–physical, emotional, mental, relationship, financial, etc.–all energies manifested here. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, said: “Change the energy and you change the matter.” The frequencies must affect the source that creates the distortions. Many frequency-based remedies and tools affect 3rd and 4th dimensional bodies–this life with its subtle bodies mental, emotional, spiritual, and all other lifetimes with their subtle bodies. Sometimes this is enough; often it is not.

In the vision I was shown that our symbol in gold opened communication between all of the dimensional bodies–gently clearing as well as broadcasting and balancing what was put with it. The vision showed me the 4th-8th dimensional bodies clearing the related blocks within minutes. I also noticed that energy now had to clear this physical dimension. Whether it was color chords, homeopathic remedies, crystals, essential oils, affirmations, prayers, or Reiki, I saw vibrations translated and balanced for what was needed at each level.

This is the healing proclamation that was given to me to use while holding the symbol and focusing on the issue: “This issue or energy and all energies and issues attached to it at all levels of my being, be healed and made whole in divine love energy to infinity.” 

Later, in my own multi-dimensional clearings, I found that drinking lots of water and moving the body helps facilitate smoother release of these energies. Herbs and other various supplements were of great use in supporting my organs of elimination. It became very clear to me why I needed all of the other tools I had been using. Now, with the symbol, those tools can be more effective. I use Reiki cloth to enhance the modality that I am working with, not to replace it.


* * * Mary Hoyer is a Reiki master who has also been weaving for over 45 years. Her tapestries are in private and corporate collections including Rudnicke & Wolfe, Chicago; and Amoco Oil, London, England. ReikiWeave Products is a small company begun by  Mary Hoyer and dedicated to attuning all to the healing energies within. Our textile products accelerate healing and open  intuition by means of raising frequency, balancing energy, and removing multi-dimensional blocks at all levels of being. For  the full range of products, including those beyond our textiles, please visit our Products section of this website. The mission of Mary Hoyer Reiki Weaver is to spread the message, energy, and effect of the Tibetan symbol of Divine Love. According to mystics, saints, and masters, there is only one answer to the problems and challenges of the world:

“Love is the answer, no matter what the question.”TM


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