Pets Love ReikiWeave



ReikiWeave customers find many ways to help their animal friends with our products. One of the most popular ways has been to take a wristband and wrap it around a collar or put two or three together to make a collar. For animals who are nervous due to thunder or going to the vet, the purple/periwinkle band can be quite helpful. One vet noted the calming effect on a four-legged patient who she knew quite well. Others have also noted that it helped to reduce hyperactivity and bring about calmness (a result seen in humans as well). For animals who have been sick, the turquoise/purple band can be added to boost the immune system. If the animal is detoxing, the purple/periwinkle may help balance their pH, increasing their comfort level.


Karen Erickson, Reiki Master and animal communicator, uses all of our products on her dogs, cats, and bird. She conducted an experiment with water and food, testing the electrical energy available from it to run a digital clock with probes (such as a potato clock from Radio Shack). After microwaving water and food samples which were previously able to fuel this clock they showed no energy. Then the same food and water samples were placed on patches and able to run the clock in two to five minutes. Karen places patches under food and water dishes as well as bedding and cages to raise the life force energy and harmonize any toxic energies for all of her pets.


Be sure to pay attention to the signals your pets give you about the cloth. Reiki Master Lisa Lemes reported that her dog Mickey, who had a tumor in his throat, was very attached to his purple/periwinkle neckband. One day, when it had slipped off, she found him scooting it across the floor and into a corner in an attempt to slip it back on.


Practitioner Olga Boor shares the story of her cat, who had chronic infections. The cat took up residence on the gold cloth, and joined Olga on the massage table when she was giving herself a treatment. As Olga changed cloth colors, the cat got up and repositioned himself for optimal contact with the cloth. The next day, Olga noted the cat’s disposition had changed from crabby to pleasant.


Note that if a color is too stimulating or not appropriate, your pet will let you know by biting at it, trying to take it off, or by walking away. Even our nine and a half year old bunny in his last two months before transition would seek out specific colors to lay his head on. When we laid a ReikiWeave cloth on his back, he would stop grinding his teeth and purr. When he had enough, he would simply shake his cloth off and hop away.

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