Journey Through Time And Space With ReikiWeave



If you’ve ever used ReikiWeave patches before, you know that special things tend to happen when you take them out to “play”. Mary Hoyer, Reiki Master and Founder of ReikiWeave Products, shares a new discovery:


“In recent weeks, the ReikiWeave patches have revealed to me even greater meaning and depth to their purpose. While at the Midwest Yoga Conference in Bloomingdale, Illinois, I was laying out The Advanced ReikiWeave Practitioners Harmonics Kit (84 patches in all) in the Tree of Life sacred geometry pattern and using my infrared tools on areas of blockage in the body. I was shown that this could help remove energetic blocks created in past lives that were affecting the present and future.


“Many of us did time travel work that took us to future times where judgments were made. These caused distortions or ‘rips’ in time, making it difficult for us to move forward to our highest potential. The ReikiWeave symbol opens up communication between these dimensions. The energetic blocks in our bodies not only are where we hold these judgments but are clues or keys to where we need to direct energetic work, allowing the repair to happen.

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