CD – Divine Love Infinitum

Use a Sacred Symbol for the Vibration of God

to Awaken the Healing Force Within You

Imagine the vibration of God – Divine Love – communicated through a key…

a sacred symbol…

…that opens the passageway to messages encoded in every cell and at every level of our being. It helps raise your frequency, opening the door to higher levels of communication. You will start experiencing and receiving your Divine essence to fully fuel your thoughts, emotions, and every cell in your body.

And this Divine essence will start manifesting in the world within and around you.


“Practicing Divine Love Infinitum helped me to transform difficult issues in my life. My chronic arthritis pain diminished significantly, I experienced more peace with family members and the general stress level of my life went down.” –M.H. (Winnetka, IL)


World renowned Reiki Master and weaver Mary Hoyer brings this symbol to you in the ReikiWeave patch, along with her guided visualization CD, Divine Love Infinitum.

This simple yet profound technique along with the enclosed ReikiWeave patch allows you to access the consciousness of Divine Love. It clears the energetic blocks to awareness, awakens intuition, and is a powerful agent for healing.

Use this patch along with Mary’s visualization technique to dissolve energetic blocks and hear your body’s messages clearly. The symbol in the ReikiWeave patch creates a powerful energy field incorporating the sacred geometry of Divine Love. Carry your patch in your pocket for continued benefits throughout the day, as a touchstone of your Divine Love experience that you can access all day long.

Awaken the healing force within you!

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Awaken the Healing Force within You with the Sacred Symbol for the Vibration of God

Mary Hoyer’s ReikiWeave patch now comes with a guided visualization CD, Divine Love Infinitum — for deeper healing and more love.

Our message is simple: Challenges are gifts in disguise with messages for your increased awareness. Once the message is received, the challenge is no longer needed.

You are healed and set free.

But, can you hear the message? Most of us need to consciously ‘switch on’ our connection to Divine Love to be able to reach through the mind clutter to really ‘hear’. It’s only in the calmness of mind, the ‘no-mind’ state, that we can truly find the answers from our natural Healing Force.


“Mary’s technique helps me find stillness in the midst of my busiest days…it helps me quiet my chattering thoughts so I can get in touch with my inner wisdom.”T.C. (Wheeling, IL)


What is offered here uniquely helps you to enter that no mind state and connect with your Healing Force. How? With a special key! A sacred symbol for the Vibration of God, embedded in a Patch, which opens up the passageway to higher levels of communication.

Reiki Master and weaver Mary Hoyer brings this key to you and soothingly takes you on a journey of discovery where life becomes easier, lovelier and more beautiful, with the CD, Divine Love Infinitum.

Imagine taking a vacation from your stresses, hassles and pains and coming back refreshed and centered. You choose between a 45, 15 or even just a 5 minute time-out that will quiet your mind and give you back the divine clarity you need to operate from strength in this world.


“After I practice the visualization, I feel refreshed and invigorated. Feels like a vacation from the hassles of my daily life. It’s like a gift I give myself.”G.C. (Chicago,IL)


The visualization techniques on the CD, Divine Love Infinitum, attract healing energy to any challenging issue in your life. With increased awareness, you’ll be able to manifest a life of greater inner peace and joy.

The ReikiWeave vibrational patch will facilitate and strengthen the effects of the visualization, as well as deepen any other yoga or healing practices you may use.

They are easy to use, yet incredibly profound.

–M.K. (Madison, WI)


“Using this CD in my massage practice, I’ve seen patients experience an aligning and balancing of the chakras, opening of the heart, and heightening of intuition.” 

Experience a shift in awareness that will change the reality you project and manifest. With the combination of a guided visualization and the special vibrational key your energy blocks caused by stress, illness or fatigue, are dissolved. And you’ll have free access to the messages that are encoded in every cell and at every level of our being.


“I was experiencing chest pains as a result of ongoing stress from my job as a hospital counselor. When I held the patch, my hands and heart got warm. As I went into the visualization, I felt a Divine presence in the room and the pain and tension melted away...”-A.M. (Chicago, IL)


Just imagine how easy our lives would be, how good we would feel if we were continuously attuned to our highest self and highest good. Imagine the life we would manifest!


The beneficial effects of the ReikiWeave vibrational patch have been tested by Tainio Technologies.

If you like to know more about the test they did, click here.


There are hundreds of applications of the CD and patch, many not limited to a conscious state: you can reap benefits while sleeping or awake — even a coma patient has enjoyed specific healing benefits! (Using the CD while driving a car is not recommended).

Use them to alleviate physical pain or reprogram limiting thoughts or unhelpful mind patterns; to relax after a stressful day or to begin a new day with greater awareness.


“Practicing Divine Love Infinitum helped me to transform difficult issues in my life. My chronic arthritis pain diminished significantly, I experienced more peace with family members and the general stress level of my life went down.” M.H. (Winnetka, IL)


The CD will also teach you techniques that you can use ‘on the fly’; easy formulas to use UNDER FIRE — whether you find yourself in the corporate pit, with screaming kids on the home front or in unreasonable traffic situations. You will learn a way to restore inner peace in minutes.

And if you wear the vibrational ReikiWeave patch, you’ll feel the soothing effects throughout the day. You’ll have non-stop help to:

  • open your intuition to receive (and hear!) messages
  • clear your energy field from blockages
  • align you with your highest outcome

Clients who have used the Divine Love Infinitum technique with patch, have reported benefits relating to:

  • physical pain
  • emotional issues
  • interpersonal conflicts
  • financial problems
  • and more

“I dropped a heavy statue on my foot which turned black and blue. I held the patch to my foot and used the Divine Love Infinitum technique. Within minutes the pain began to subside. I placed the patch in my shoe and by the next day, my foot was pink again!”J.B. (Wilmette, IL)

When we raise our energy and expand our consciousness, we change our experience and affect changes to the world around us. That is why we say: “Love is the answer, no matter what the question.”

Awaken the healing force within you!

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