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We love hearing from practitioners who e-mail us with the many stories about how they use ReikiWeave Products.


Janet Young, Reiki Master:

Janet’s husband broke his toe and was in great pain. After returning from the hospital, she applied the purple/periwinkle cloth and the ivory/gold cloth. After twenty minutes, the pain was gone. Another thirty minutes, the foot had turned from black and blue to pink.


From Sonja Hallbeck – Reiki Master, Hypnosis, Reconnection energy:

“When clients call me with challenges during off hours, I write their name and a healing intention on a piece of paper and place it on a patch with the colors and remedies that will balance their condition. I also set up a crystal blessing bowl with a patch in it and a written intention for all persons and their attachments to be filled with divine love. ‘Fill all with divine love and everything that is attached to them and that they are attached to, to infinity.’ As I think of persons I wish to send divine love to, I write their name on a piece of paper and place it in the blessing bowl. Recipients of these prayers have reported many wonderful benefits.”

Sonja has suggested that perhaps we should take pictures of places or maps and put them in the blessing bowl. Remember your own picture as well.

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