Four Tips for Better Healing Treatments



1. Put your appointment book or name of client on a blessing patch to start clearing their field after they have set an appointment. Visualize that all are filled with divine love, as well as anything that is attached to them or that they are attached to. It is not necessary to judge or define it–divine love energy will take care of it. Clients will come into their sessions ready to heal and move through issues more easily.


2. Ground clients from the beginning of their session and throughout with the indigo and copper patches. They may be placed at the head and feet or held in their hands. Energy work will broadcast through all dimensional bodies with the added benefit of deeper integration of these supportive energies at a physical level.


3. Give your clients “homework” to do between healing sessions. Have them use a Blessing Patch or Personal Harmonics Kit daily to visualize divine love healing energy filling all physical, mental, and emotional issues. When unwanted thoughts or symptoms come up, have them “fill it with divine love” while holding or wearing the patch. The patch works as an inter-dimensional link and focus for clearing and washing the energy field. Clients who have a set of patches can pull the patches they are drawn to, lay them out in any pattern they wish, and use the visualization technique which is printed on our new packaging. A ten-minute CD with an expanded visualization for relaxation and clearing energy is available instructing the user how to incorporate the ReikiWeave patches in this exercise. Encourage them to carry a patch in their pocket for as long as it feels good. Urge them to drink water and move their body to assist moving cast-off energy out of their body.


4. Remind yourself that all healing takes place within the client and that you are simply there to create a safe place for them to “process” energy and information. Many practitioners have reported seeing muscles release tension and backs go into alignment by simply applying patches. Healing modalities and other tools become much more effective with less effort because of the “blocks” cleared in other dimensional bodies by the use of the patches.


Practitioners can wear indigo trimmed and gold patches to keep their energy field clear from absorbing “cast off” energies as well as staying grounded and strong.

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