Homework for Client



By Sonja Hallbeck

In the course of seeing clients who come to me for Reiki, Reconnection Energy, and hypnosis over a period of time, I have seen the most rapid progress when the client uses the chakra balancing set between appointments.


I begin their healing session by having them choose the colors that they are drawn to and lay them out in any pattern they wish or hold them. After looking at the colors, I have them close their eyes, focus on an issue they wish to heal and say, “It is healed and made whole in Divine Love,” and breathe. After two minutes, I take them through the rest of their healing session. Because of the harmonic field set up by the colors, sacred geometry, and intention, a kind of attunement takes place that allows for deeper work to be done.


At the end of the treatment, I remind them to use this technique daily, incorporating their own chakra balancing set with the visualization . I encourage them to carry a patch in their pocket to assist in keeping their energy field clear. As issues arise, they can say “It is healed.” Their subconscious mind is attuned to the full message from their longer healing sessions and is able to make shifts in seconds.

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