Attention Deficit Disorder and Color



Practitioners have reported incorporating ReikiWeave Products with other tools and modalities to assist in healing a variety of conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, parasites, stress, trauma, ADD, and miasm. This requires asking a variety of questions and testing for the tools that will work best for the client. Let’s take a condition like ADD and examine a number of possible issues that may need to be addressed. Dr. Daniel Amen states in his book Healing ADD that the condition should be called Adrenal Deficiency Disorder. This would explain why we have watched clients respond well to magenta, purple, and periwinkle which, while calming and focusing, stimulate the adrenal glands that send adrenaline to the brain.


ADD and Adrenal Gland Function

The adrenal glands, which are part of the endocrine system, affect hormones. These hormones control other organ functions, overall energy levels, and the ability to function. When hormone levels are depleted, they have a domino effect on the body. An example given by  Hannah Kroeger explains that lead, a toxic heavy metal, is used in the United States to bleach white sugar. This molecule is similar in size to calcium and absorbed into the bone blocking absorption of calcium. This may be the cause of the aching bones we call growing pains – bones trying to grow, but starved for calcium. In the meantime, ingested calcium that is not absorbed can back up into the pancreas, causing stones, creating blood sugar imbalances, and an increased sensitivity to foods containing white sugar. Lack of absorbed calcium also affects digestion, creating chemical imbalances, allowing parasitic and candida overgrowth. In the meantime, heavy metals accumulate in the adrenal glands and deplete them. Heavy metals also break off dendrites in the brain, affecting synapses.


DNA and Miasm

Now imagine for a moment that these residues and their effects not only affect the individual, but alter the DNA, passing this memory and its effects down each generation. If the adrenal glands have been stressed and weakened over several generations, it is likely that current offspring will show a deficiency in this area. This would explain why a hypersensitivity to certain foods, chemicals, and stimuli can often be seen from birth. These alterations in the DNA are also known as miasm. The good news is there are solutions to this scenario. In addition to dietary changes, exercise, and behavior modification, using the ReikiWeave visualization audiotape with the personal harmonics kit can be very powerful. When using the kit, we intuitively choose the colors we need for issues we are working on and lay them out in sacred geometry patterns which affect us on a profound level. Colors may correlate with the following:


* Hyperactivity – Magenta, purple, periwinkle, gold, indigo
* Parasites – Turquoise/gold
* Chemicals- Turquoise/gold
* Ritalin – Indigo/gold/metallic copper
* Spiritual Protection – Violet/gold

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The harmonics created by these colors can release the frequencies of miasm, chemicals, and other unwanted energies making way for highly harmonized energies to be integrated– this will allow the user to operate at their highest potential. We look forward to devoting more time to this topic in future issues.

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