Color, Miasm, and Multi-Dimensional Healing



Over the centuries, much has been written about colors vibrating at specific energy centers in the body. When colors are combined, a harmonic field is set up between two or more energy centers and connects with a point outside the body, creating an energetic triangle called a harmonic convergence.


This point is a contact into one of the many ethereal bodies and its chakra system. When combined with the ReikiWeave symbol, these triangularly shaped harmonic fields extend endlessly into all of the energy centers of all dimensional bodies. This matrix is a communication system between the many aspects of ourselves. When broadcasting color harmonics through this system, we are able to remove blocks in these channels (miasm) allowing for more complete communication. We call this multi-dimensional healing.


When energetic blocks are removed in the physical body and they return, it is an indication that the block exists at a deeper layer, re-manifesting at the physical level again through this matrix. This is why the ability to broadcast any healing energy (color, sound, remedies, crystals, prayer, etc.) needs to happen at all levels to insure complete healing by opening the matrix or channels of communication.

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