Recent World Events and Color



World events of this past year have presented us with a great number of mental and emotional issues to deal with: trauma, depression, fear, and great loss. Often, the resulting thoughts and emotions are old issues being stimulated and brought to our attention for healing. If those experiences have been held somewhere in the physical body, then both chronic and acute conditions may arise as well. ReikiWeave patches used in conjunction with other forms of therapy can help accelerate results because of their multi-dimensional reach. During any chosen therapy – including bodywork or hypnosis – lay patches on the body where the energy is blocked or hold them in your hands and say, “It is healed and made whole in divine love” and breathe.

Some of the color combinations that have been effective include:

* Trauma – Purple/periwinkle, gold, indigo
* Emotional release and depression – Magenta/gold
* Courage, strength, clarity – Indigo on Ivory or gold
* Loss – Purple/periwinkle and magenta


As these issues and others are cleared, indigo can be added to help with grounding and integration of the supporting energies. Other colors that may be needed to address physical blockage:


* Turquoise – Immune system, burns and infection, balanced nutrition, chemical toxicity
* Lemon, yellow – Clearing waste, mucous, deposits
* Lime, green, turquoise green – Bacteria, virus, fungus, mold


Check the enclosed color descriptions for other issues that you may be dealing with or simply dowse. Intuitive use of color often brings up underlying issues that are an important part of the surface issue.

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