Indigo: The Color of Our Times



In recent months, I have had a recurring vision of a powerful figure, indigo in color. This figure had such strength. It stood tall and strong, and spoke its truth by simply being who it was–fully integrated and moving forward as other lesser energies simply fell away. Its strength and focus was such that, although appearing like the title character in the film The Iron Giant, it did not need to fight. It simply “would not allow.”


How appropriate a message, in light of recent world events where our thoughts of personal and world peace have been challenged. This figure with its total lack of fear was bringing me messages about yet another color we must incorporate into our ReikiWeave patches. What did it mean? What was its purpose? Why did we need it now? As we began to weave it several months ago, the color began to reveal its purpose and messages. “Stand in your truth.” “Strength.” “Integration.” “Fearlessness.” “Focus.” “Know who you are and why you have come here.”


I was guided to put all my other projects aside to make sure that the colors needed during this cycle would be ready: indigo, blue violet, a new magenta, turquoise, and green. I also turned to other people who have researched, experienced, and written about color. In the book Quantum Touch, indigo is said to allow communication between spirit and body, “to help you know and understand your inner wisdom.” So much exploration and healing work has been done in the ethereal bodies. It is now time to fully integrate those energies for maximum benefits. Also note that indigo supports the utilization of minerals and body regulation as well as the nervous system.


New Patch Colors



Our new patches incorporate indigo with our other new colors in order that the benefits may be fully integrated. Magenta has been helpful in releasing trauma and depression, because it supports the adrenal glands. It is also beneficial for ADD and menopause. Darius Dinshah, author of the color therapy classic Let There Be Light, also states that magenta is an aura builder which is balancing to both emotions and circulation.


While violet is a spiritual color with a calming effect, it also stimulates the spleen and has an antibiotic effect (as does indigo). According to author Vianna Stibel, “As the blood passes through the spleen to the heart, a final cleansing takes place to remove any harmful poison or bad cells.” Turquoise has been found to stimulate the thymus gland, which supports the immune system and has an overall balancing effect on the body. This favorably enhances assimilation, temperature regulation, balance of bacteria, and hormone levels. In combination with other colors we have used turquoise to assist in the elimination of parasites and bacteria, PMS, and miasm. Over the past two years, we have produced various shades of green and turquoise to address various frequencies of bacteria.


Some interesting info about green from Vianna Stibel’s website: “It stimulates the pituitary (the master gland)” and builds cells and tissues. This is nitrogen, the substance of protein, and the builder of muscles.” I have been having some fantastic personal results combining green (muscle rebuilding), magenta (adrenal support and menopause), and indigo (integration/strength).


New Generation Sets the Pace

In the book The Indigo Children by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, the authors speak of a new generation of children who are highly tuned, gifted, and insightful. These children are born already tuned to the indigo frequency. Many generations of environmental toxins and miasm (inherited conditions) have created challenges, such as ADD, for these children. I believe they have been “canaries in the coalmine” for what I call “the indigo times.”


Unfortunately, we are all faced with the results of many generations of pollution and depletion of our environment and the resulting “blocks” in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.


Creating Peace

The good news is we have the ability to remove these stubborn blocks to our health, raise our vibration, and open up intuition. This will allow us to be in tune with these indigo times. If we are to create world peace, it is essential that first we find it within ourselves, fully integrating true spiritual awareness in this third dimension. Each and every one of us resonates like a radio tower, sending out our thoughts and feelings to those around and beyond us. As we think, we create. ReikiWeave’s color harmonics incorporated with other therapies provide us with tools which can quickly and gently open up all energetic pathways leading to full integration and communication with all aspects of ourselves.


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