How to raise frequency of remedies



You can raise frequency of remedies and tools as well as balance their energy by laying them on the Reikiweave cloth or attaching them to or using them with the ReikiWeave cloth. The patches made from this fabric incorporate energies of color harmonics, sacred geometry, and intention. The symbol of divine love aligns the chakras, opens the heart, and acts as a communication device with all of the dimensional bodies.


The fabric connects with a multi-dimensional energy field–washing, cleansing, and opening up all channels of communication with the higher self. Whatever you place on it or use with it is amplified and broadcast through these channels. At the same time, the energies are balanced. The combinations of color create harmonics to address specific issues at all dimensional levels. While addressing a physical issue, the emotional, mental and spiritual layers are affected as well.


Bodywork, visualization, vibrational remedies, tools, and healing modalities go deeper and work faster because they are broadcast to the deepest levels when used with ReikiWeave products.


ReikiWeave patches are laid on the body to remove blocked energy and to align and open up the chakra system. Additional colors from our patch kits may be added to build the harmonic field and integrate the new energies becoming available. Patches may also be used for “hands on” color therapy, incorporating visualization or meditation.


Because our fabrics create an energy field, they may be:


* Carried in a pocket
* Placed under food and water
* Used to clear crystals, oils and vitamins
* Harmonize and raise energy of other objects
* Used to send remedies and affirmations long distance


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