How I got Started with ReikiWeave



I  started my career weaving tapestries for corporate and private collections including Rudnicke and Wolfe and Amoco Oil International in London. My interest was always directed at how my pieces would affect the people in the environment. In 1997, after experiencing the Reikiweave symbol in a vision, I was guided to weave this sacred geometry in a fabric which would carry its healing energy. While working with other intuitive healers, I experimented with over 80 color combinations in the weave and discovered many of the properties they carried.



Think of these as “color harmonics” that are like “addresses” in the energy field, going to specific areas of need. During that time, I was able to see the multi-dimensional field opening up and carrying the energies of healing tools, techniques, and intentions carried through parallel realities, other dimensions, and experiences of time and space. At the same time it was able to balance, align, and harmonize the body and what was being broadcast through it. Read more about color harmonics here.


Some people refer to this as scalar energy or zero point field. This is the place of clearing and creation. When we say “Love is the answer, no matter what the question”, we are referring not only to the opening of the heart but also aligning with this place called “love” that is our true identity and where we create from. When we speak of being in the flow, we are speaking of coming from the intuition, guidance, and creativity of this place.


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