Highlights From The Advanced Practitioners Color Harmonics Kit



As we worked with the Personal Harmonics Kit (Set 1) for chakra balancing and removing energetic blocks in the body we discovered effective applications of more complex and advanced color harmonics to remove deeper blockages in the body. Each set is a progression of layers in removing blocks and restoring the mind/body/spirit system to its wholeness.

Here are a few:

Magenta/gold/new gold – Emotional release of trauma and depression Set 3


Violet/copper/new gold – Chemtrails, solar radiation, toxic chemicals Set 3


Magenta/turquoise/indigo – ADD, adrenal gland issues, menopause, compassion in Set 4 .


Violet/turquoise/indigo – Strengthen spleen, correct wrong thinking that affects the immune system in Set 4.



Buttercreme/violet//new gold – Headache related to integration of expanded intuition in Set 5 .


Indigo/gold/metallic copper – Ritalin, mind altering drugs (including anti-depressants, other) in Set 6.


Turquoise green/magenta/indigo – Cell and tissue regeneration in Set 7.

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