• Pinched nerve

    “I had been suffering constant pain from a pinched nerve in my neck due to a car accident. I began wearing the purple scarf at the office, at home, and to bed. I wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence until I went to a wedding without it and the pain returned.” Comment:┬áCombining the gold with the purple at an appropriate time may have helped take it to a deeper healing beyond temporary relief.

  • Headaches

    “Recently, I have been experimenting with the gold cloth for headaches. Usually, the gold cloth doubled on top of my head begins to give relief in three minutes. Another time, I placed the turquoise/purple cloth on my pillow and laid my jaw on it while suffering an infection. It was very soothing. For the same condition, I have also wrapped the long scarf around my head turban-style with one side hanging down so I could lay it over my jaw. It felt so good.”