Picture Frames

ReikiWeaves are handwoven with an ancient Sacred Symbol representing the consciousness of Divine Love. It creates a powerful, multi-dimensional energy field, clearing and opening up communication to every level and raising the frequency of whatever you place on it. The encoded frequencies heighten, balance, and harmonize energy.

Because the ReikiWeave Picture Frame creates an energy field, they may be:


* Used to send remedies and affirmations long distance

* Clear and raise energy around a home or property

* Place protective energy field around people, places, and pets


Picture Frames:

8” x 8” with 3” x 3” window – Choose Gold or ivory/gold   –  $40


Use the ReikiWeave Picture Frame  as a broadcasting device. Simply insert a photo, picture, or image in the frame with a written affirmation and name. The energy will be balanced and pulsed to the person, place, or situation you desire. Because the energy of ReikiWeave is  Divine Love, it can only be used for the highest good of all.


Not everyone will have the same results as the combinations of issues needed to be addressed are unique for each person and situation. Use your intuition and the assistance of a trained practitioner for the best results. This information is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition but to use as an adjunct to other tools and remedies to balance and enhance them.