Personal Harmonics Kits & Descriptions of Color Harmonics


The colors in the first two sets open up and align the chakras. This makes the

body ready for deeper miasmic clearing work in Set Three. Set Four integrates the

complex harmonics of Set three more fully in the body after the pathways have been

cleared and opened up – connecting the spiritual or ethereal with the physical. Set

Five fine tunes the body and fills in energetic “gaps” including stubborn blocked energies.

Set Six helps to more fully attune to the indigo frequencies. Set Seven is restorative

and regenerative.


Limited Edition Personal Harmonics Kit and

Advanced Practitioner’s Color Harmonics Kit

Set 1 Chakra Balancing (set of twelve patches)


Our first set of 12 patches address chakra balancing using single colors on golden

fabrics, with the recent addition of copper and indigo for grounding. Indigo in

particular has helped focus more healing in the body. It grounds, and incorporates a

smooth sustainable energy. We recommend using indigo throughout a treatment.


1. Gold/magenta – balanced circulation, adrenal glands, self love.
2. Gold/purple – relaxes, lowers blood pressure & appetite, relieves pain.
3. Gold/blue – calming, oxygenating, pineal gland, creativity, cooling.
4. Gold/turquoise builds immune system, fights infection, skin building.
5. Gold/green – Stimulates pituitary gland, destroy infection, build cells and tissues
6. Gold/indigo – Balances and grounds energy in the body; strong deep.
7. Gold/new gold – Cleansing, healing, opening to all functions.
8. Gold/yellow gold – Aids digestion, cleansing on physical and emotional levels.
9. Gold/orange – Aids nutritional assimilation, oxygen, relieves cramps and gas.
10. Gold/red – Stimulate circulation and senses, liver builder.
11. Gold/copper – Transmutes and makes energy usable; warming, cleansing.
12. Gold/violet – Stimulates intuition, relaxes; relieves some headaches.


Set 1 only the Limited Edition Personal Harmonics Kit – $60 


Set 2 (set of twelve patches)


Provides additional colors to expand frequencies relating to bacteria, purification,

grounding, and adrenal support. This may be beneficial at times when a broader range

of frequency is needed; for example, with multiple bacteria, parasites, and bone infection.

1. Gold/lemon – Loosens and clears mucous, calcium and lime deposits.
2. Gold/lime – Antibacterial.
3. Gold/turquoise green – Antibacterial, rebuilds muscle and tissue.
4. Gold/white – Expands energy.
5. Gold/dark magenta – Adrenal gland builder.
6. Gold/purple-blue, multi – Stress.
7. Gold/silver – Cleansing, cooling.
8. Gold/brown – Grounding.
9. Gold/metallic copper – Stronger energy for transformation.
10. Gold/metallic silver – Stronger energy for clearing.
11. Gold/blue/new gold – Inner peace.
12. Gold/copper/new gold – Transformation at deep level.


Set 3 (set of twelve patches)

These are complete harmonics often relating to miasm (inherited conditions) and

their effects. These are powerful and work on many dimensional levels.


1. Violet/gold/new gold – Strengthens pituitary-pineal connection.
2. Violet/copper/new gold – Transmute toxic energies, connect upper and lower chakras.
3. Violet/silver/silver – Purifies upper chakras, cooling; bones, teeth.
4. Purple/periwinkle/new gold – Relax, ground, focus, reduce swelling, oxygenate.
5. Magenta/periwinkle/ new gold – Stimulate adrenal glands, calm and focus the mind.
6. Magenta/avocado/lime – Deep bone and lung issues, infection, rebuilding.
7. Magenta/gold/new gold – Emotional release, depression, adrenal glands, build aura.
8. Magenta/turquoise green/turquoise green – Balance systems of the body, rebuild aura, rebuild cells and tissue.
9. Turquoise/copper/turquoise – Transmutes toxic energy, warming, eyes.
10. Turquoise/silver/turquoise – Balancing, purifying, oxygenating, cooling.
11. Turquoise/gold/new gold – Supports immune system, PMS, parasite cleanse. Balance nutrition.
12. Turquoise/purple/turquoise – Connect heart and mind. Address miasm, fever, and immune system.


Set 4 (set of twelve patches)


Indigo strengthens the connections between spiritual and physical bodies. Use after

set three which cleared miasm and opened up energetic blocks. These patches are

banded in indigo. They focus and integrate complex energies in the physical body.


1. Magenta/turquoise/indigo – Indigo children, compassion, menopause, adrenal glands.
2. Magenta/gold/indigo – Integration of new emotional strength and attitudes and immune function.
3. Magenta/silver/indigo – Heart and circulatory issues.
4. Magenta/copper/indigo – Transmute and strengthen heart and emotional issues.
5. Violet/gold/indigo – Integration of spiritual information through pituitary gland.
6. Violet/silver/indigo – Clearing old spiritual concepts that no longer work.
7. Violet/copper/indigo – Integrate ability to transmute all energy to transmute all energy into usable energy.
8. Violet/turquoise/indigo – Correct wrong thinking that affects the immune system, strengthen spleen.
9. Turquoise/copper/indigo – Integrate new way immune system adapts and balances.
10. Turquoise/silver/indigo – Integrate new way immune system clears.
11. Turquoise/gold/indigo – Integration of balanced immune system.
12. Turquoise/purple/indigo – Integration of mind/body energy.


Set 5 (set of twelve patches)


Predominantly indigo for an overall strengthening effect, completing integration of

single focused energy.


1. Indigo/copper/indigo – Neurological and cardiovascular systems.
2. Indigo/silver/indigo – Bones, teeth, tendons, muscles, cartilage, nails.
3. Indigo/gold/indigo – Organs, glands, soft tissues, skin, hair, eyes.
4. Indigo/lime/indigo – Bacteria, bones.
5. Indigo/magenta/indigo – Adrenal glands.
6. Indigo/light violet/indigo – Production of white blood cells, tranquility.
7. Indigo/turquoise green/indigo – Muscle and cell rejuvenation.
8. Indigo/turquoise/indigo – Thymus gland.
9. Indigo/blue/indigo – Throat.
10. Indigo/purple/indigo – Third eye, brain.
11. Golden/violet/new gold – higher thought, headaches associated with spiritual expansion energies.
12. Turquoise/lime/indigo – Resistance to bacteria, strengthen immune system.


Set 6 (set of twelve patches)


This set is for integrating indigo. A combination of simple and complex harmonics

especially helpful to attuning to the indigo frequencies that are coming in at this

time. What makes this set different are the trim colors. They include metallic

copper and indigo which integrate the effects of the fabric colors with an

additional intensity of energy needed to affect denser energetic blocks (i.e.,



1. Indigo/gold/metallic copper – Ritalin.
2. Indigo/turquoise/indigo * – Balance and immune support.
3. Turquoise/magenta/indigo – Compassion (balance/adrenals/grounding).
4. Turquoise/lime/turquoise green – Infection.
5. Purple/periwinkle/indigo – Calming and grounding.
6. Magenta/copper/metallic copper – Deep hurt/adrenal glands.
7. Magenta/copper/new gold – Addiction.
8. Violet/gold/indigo * – Integrate higher frequencies in third dimension.
9. Butter/violet/new gold – Spiritual protection.
10. Ivory/gold/indigo * – Grounding.
11. Purple/gold/metallic copper – Transmute spiritual concepts that don’t work.
12. Magenta/gold/metallic copper – Transmute emotional hurt.


Set 7 (set of twelve patches)


Predominantly turquoise green for cell and tissue regeneration. Trimmed in indigo,

assists assimilation and integration. Metallic tri-color (copper/silver/gold) for

very deep level regenerative work.

1. Green/copper/indigo – Neurological and cardiovascular systems.
2. Green/silver/indigo – Bones, teeth, tendons, cartilage, muscles, nails.
3. Green/gold/indigo – Organs, glands, soft tissues, hair, eyes, skin.
4. Green/amethyst/indigo – Brain.
5. Green/lime/indigo – Bones.
6. Green/green/indigo – Cells, tissue.
7. Green/gold/metallic – Organs, glands, soft tissues, hair, eyes, skin.
8. Green/copper/metallic – Neurological and cardiovascular systems.
9. Green/silver/metallic – Bones, teeth, tendons, cartilage, muscles, nails.
10. Green/green/metallic – Cells, tissue.
11. Green/amethyst/metallic – Brain.
12. Green/lime/metallic – Bones.


Sets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, &7 –

The Limited Edition Advanced Practitioner’s Color Harmonics Kit – $420.00 –