Crystal Clearing Cloth


ReikiWeave Crystal Clearing Cloths are handwoven with an ancient Sacred Symbol representing the consciousness of Divine Love. It creates a powerful, multi-dimensional energy field, clearing and opening up communication to every level and raising the frequency of whatever you place on it. The encoded frequencies heighten, balance, and harmonize energy.


Because our fabrics create an energy field, they may be:

* Carried in a pocket or placed on the body
* Placed under food and water
* Used to clear crystals, oils and vitamins

* Harmonize and raise energy of other objects
* Used to send remedies and affirmations long distance


Handwoven  in the USA

Hand wash, cold water only – no heat, tumble on air

Washing will not remove energetic properties


Crystal Clearing Cloths

5” x 7” Choose:  gold  or turquoise /gold  – $24 



5” x 5”   – Choose:  gold or  turquoise /silver – $15


How our customers are using our products:


“I have a collection of crystals I now keep on the gold crystal clearing cloth. It cleans the crystals like nothing else I’ve tried– and you should see the energy coming off of them! I also carry the 5″ x 7″ version rolled up in my purse. It really helps when I eat out and have digestive problems. I just place it on my stomach to clear discomforts.”


Broken toe, bruised foot

“The doctors sent me home with a prescription for pain killers. I put the purple cloth and the gold cloth on the foot. After twenty minutes, the pain was gone. After thirty minutes, the foot turned from black/blue to pink–no more bruises. I’ve had broken bones before, but I’ve never seen them heal like this!”

Comment: Purple/periwinkle is often used for pain, oxygenation, relaxation. After adding the gold, we have observed all dimensions being cleared of attached energies, as well as receiving the benefits of the purple/periwinkle energy. Colored ReikiWeave patches can be added to the cloth to expand the color energies.


Sprained arm from falling off a garage roof

His wife had this to say: “He was so stiff and sore, it took half an hour to get him into bed. I laid the gold cloth on his arm and I saw this energy washing the field around his arm and suddenly it went right in. He slept with the cloth on his arm/shoulder area and it healed quickly.” TH


Spider bite, swollen arm

“I laid the purple cloth on my arm, and within minutes the swelling went down.”

Comment: We have noticed that the purple/periwinkle cloth has an alkalinizing affect which may have reduced the effects of toxins in the blood.


You can also use the Reiki Weave Crystal Clearing Cloth as a broadcasting device. Simply set the desired remedy, affirmation, and person’s name on the cloth. The energy will be balanced and pulsed to the person, place, or situation you desire. Because the energy of Reiki Weave is  Divine Love, it can only be used for the highest good of all. Colored ReikiWeave patches can be combined with the Crystal Clearing Cloth for body work or to send energy long distance.


Not everyone will have the same results as the combinations of issues needed to be addressed are unique for each person and situation. Use your intuition and the assistance of a trained practitioner for the best results. This information is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition but to use as an adjunct to other tools and remedies to balance and enhance them.