Head & Wrist Bands


ReikiWeave  Bands are handwoven with an ancient Sacred Symbol representing the consciousness of Divine Love. It creates a powerful, multi-dimensional energy field, clearing and opening up communication to every level and raising the frequency of whatever you place on it. The encoded frequencies heighten, balance, and harmonize energy.


Because our fabrics create an energy field, they may be:

  • Placed on the body for clearing and opening up blocked energy and aligning chakras
  • Use to raise energy and create a protective energy field
  • Worn around the neck and head (headaches)
  • Support the immune system and allergies
  • Improve sleep, focus, and relaxation


Color benefits:

Purple/ Periwinkle:

  • Relaxes muscle and mental tension, grounds, and focuses
  • Reduces swelling, decreases pain, increases oxygen content
  • Supports brain function, increases ability to focus


  • Energizes, stimulates thymus gland
  • Connects higher heart and mind at deep level for deeper healing
  • Helps clear issues relating to chemicals, infection, and miasm
  • Best if used after purple/periwinkle


  • Eases symptoms of allergies, PMS
  • Balances systems and nutrition of body
  • Supports immune system


Velcro closure head/neck bands: Choose (adjustable) size and available color:  $25 

21” – choose: turquoise/purple

22” – choose: turquoise/purple

24” – choose: turquoise/purple or purple/periwinkle

25” – choose: turquoise/purple; turquoise/gold; or purple/periwinkle

26” – Choose: turquoise/gold


(Also much loved by dogs?



Wristbands: set of 2

Velcro Wristbands: wrist circumference – $24

XS ( 4.5 – 5”)  Choose: turquoise/purple ;  periwinkle/ purple ;  or turquoise/gold


Sm ( 5-6”) Choose: turquoise/purple; periwinkle/purple; or  turquoise/gold

Med ( 7 “) Choose: turquoise/purple; periwinkle/purple; or turquoise/gold

L ( 8”)  Choose: turquoise/purple; periwinkle/purple; or turquoise/gold


Note: You can combine these adjustable sizes to create larger lengths for ankles and around casts



Handwoven  in the USA

Hand wash, cold water only – no heat, tumble on air

Washing will not remove energetic properties


Experiences from our customers:


Carpal tunnel syndrome

“I could hardly get the largest wristband [ten inches] on. My wrists were that swollen. Now [the band] looks two sizes too big and I can pick up a glass of water and drink from it for the first time in three months. Thank you.”


Insomnia for many years

Adult man reported that he could easily get to sleep within minutes while wearing purple/periwinkle wristbands.


Four year old boy — Hyperactive, hard to put to bed

His parents: “We wrapped the purple/periwinkle shawl around him … and he was out in 3 minutes. We couldn’t believe it. He’s usually up til midnight.”

Comment: Even when we are tired, sometimes we can’t get to sleep due to stress, over-stimulation, and chemical imbalances. Our tests using blood work show the pH starting to balance in two minutes after applying the purple/periwinkle cloth. The body can now relax enough to go to sleep.


Not everyone will have the same results as the combinations of issues needed to be addressed are unique for each person and situation. Use your intuition and the assistance of a trained practitioner for the best results. This information is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition but to use as an adjunct to other tools and remedies to balance and enhance them.