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ReikiWeave News

Winter 2005

In This Issue...

Our NEW Website is Here
Announcing the ReikiWeave CD
Hot Deals to Warm Up Your Winter
New Products Using Frequency and Far Infrared
Reseller and Referral Programs
A Message from Mary

Our New Website is Here

Be sure to visit our updated, easier-to-navigate website at http://www.reikiweave.com - it's full of information on our original ReikiWeave Textiles, plus a complete list of our NEW products. You'll also find our newsletters online. We can't wait to hear your feedback!

The New ReikiWeave CD is HERE!

- Divine Love Infinitum: A Technique to Awaken the Healing Force Within You
- This is the advanced (yet simple to do) technique you asked for
- Experience profound multidimensional healing
- Includes a ReikiWeave Patch to use as a focusing tool
- $29.95 retail / Special Introductory Price for our loyal customers $24.95
- Call Sonja to order at 877-238-2593

Warm Up Your Winter with ReikiWeave Products

Original ReikiWeave Textile Products
- Limited quantities still available
- Check out our new order form (with pictures!) at http://www.reikiweave.com/ordersheet.htm
- Call Sonja at 877-238-2593 for availability and orders
HealthMate Far Infrared Saunas
- From Health Mate, the industry leader in Far Infrared saunas
- This deep penetrating energy wave warms and stimulates the cells from the inside out with comfortable, breathable, low heat
- Helps the body eliminate toxins, waste, & inflammation faster and safer
- Incorporate in your healing practice, share with family and friends
- Just plug it in! - No plumbing or venting required
- Call Mary at 866-898-1955 for special pricing and our customer referral program
LightWandz Photorejuvenation Tools - Big Savings This Week!
- Advanced light & color therapy tools incorporating near infrared and the Nogier Frequencies
- Protocol sheets available for Thai massage, lymphatic drainage, face lifts, colonics, and more
- Sunday night training conference calls (8 PM CST ? 405-244-5555 pin 3699# - *6 mute/unmute)
- Quantity and wholesale pricing available
- Call Mary for info at 866-898-1955
Panguitch Water
- One hundred percent bioavailable, alkaline pH (8.6) water.
- This is the most important thing you can do for your physical health
- Buy wholesale direct at http://www.panguitchwater.com, referred by Mary Hoyer 847-398-1955
- Conference calls Tuesdays 8:45 CST 319-279-1000 pin 148261# - *6 mute/unmute
Non-Transdermal Patches from LifeWave
- Energize your cells with frequency to assist in greater strength, energy, and endurance (experience 20% increase or more in 10 minutes)
- Oxygen, enzymes, and amino acids broadcast to the cells within 10 minutes
- Buy wholesale direct at http://www.lifewave.com/reikiweave

New Reseller and Referral Programs

Photorejuvenation Tools from LightWandz
- Start with our red cordless wand - $20,000 worth of technology for $899
- Quantity discounts available
- Visit http://www.lightoolz.net/reikiweave or call Mary at 866-898-1955
HealthMate Far Infrared Saunas
- Enjoy our customer referral program by receiving 10% when you send us your clients, friends, and family who buy a sauna
- Prices start at $4,000
- Factory financing available with zero down, 6 months 0%
- Earn money while you enjoy the benefits
- Visit http://www.healthmatesauna.com and call Mary for info at 866-898-1955

A Message From Mary Hoyer, Founder of ReikiWeave Products

As my 54th birthday approaches at the end of the January, I am amazed and grateful for the healing path I have traveled over the past 12 years. The visions that I received helped me to see the non-physical world and its need for healing.
After the ReikiWeave symbol was given to me as a simple and profound tool to experience and heal those dimensions, I also experienced the benefits of many physical tools, techniques, superfoods, and remedies which have helped me to complete the cycle of energy from the non-physical to the physical and back again. As we release the affects of blocked energy in our body's many-layered system, we can help facilitate the elimination of the resulting toxins, waste, and inflammation through the use of super-hydrating water plus far and near infrared energy. The new products from ReikiWeave products are offered with this purpose in mind.
In the months to come, we will introduce new, exciting, and cutting edge products which carry the ReikiWeave symbol, along with our new book. Please e-mail us at reikiweave at aol dot com if you wish to be notified by e-mail of our pre-publication special pricing. We will have a special surprise gift for those ordering before we go to print. Hint: it's something many of you have been asking for!
In my next e-mail newsletter, I will update you regarding this book, giving you an opportunity to try one of the "how-tos". You can share your results with me and be mentioned in my book if you like.
Thank you for being the Divine Love Consciousness that is healing the world!
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