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The First Vision: Page 2

Up until 1999, we primarily worked with purple, turquoise, and periwinkle blue to create two color combinations--one relaxing and the other energizing. Although we originally sampled seventeen color combinations and incorporated gold, it was in 1999 that gold became an important part of our work.
After studying miasm and the use of vibrational tinctures developed by David Alan Slater at Healers Who Share in Colorado, I came home with a box full of tinctures and much more personal healing work ahead of me. The study had revealed deeper work I needed to do on inherited conditions which I muscle tested for, as well as some other acute issues. After 6 weeks, some of those acute issues improved and I wondered what would happen if I placed the tinctures on the cloth. Some of the bone-related remedies had tested as being needed for fifteen months. After sitting on the gold cloth, overnight, the remedies all muscle tested as being needed for three months instead. Three months later, I tested as being done with those remedies.
What we discovered at that time was that when placing these low potency remedies on the cloth they were being pulsed or broadcast to the user, bumping up the frequency each time and working through the layers of the aura. This experience was repeated with other practitioners as well.
As we continued to experiment we found that the blessing patches which had the symbol woven in gold with ten different color combinations were another powerful tool. When combining different colors, harmonic energies or color chords were being created and broadcast to the user.
As we started to see a relationship between the color combinations and conditions affected, we even began to see clearing work on miasmic conditions.
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