Tapestries by Mary Hoyer

Mary Hoyer's artwork can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide. Her techniques include traditional tapestry using a wide variety of fibers for texture as well as quilting for sculptural relief effects. The following pieces were woven after Mary became a Reiki Master, with the intention that they should be healing.

All are currently available for sale.

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Reiki Angel of Divine Love - full view, above; detail, below


"Love is the Answer, No Matter What the Question"ª

Mary: "Divine love is the essence of God which this angelic messenger radiates to us. As willing partners humans can be the channel through which this love manifests in all things. This tapestry is woven in alpaca, wool, silk and brushed mohair for its ethereal effect. These energies are meant to touch and open the heart to divine healing."

Measures approximately 36" x 53"

Offered at $15,000

unconditional love

Unconditional Love

Mary: "Shades of rose and purple to open the heart and mind to the highest form of love which comes without conditions. Contemplate this piece to reach a higher understanding of what it means to receive love and expand the love you radiate.

This quilted relief measures 32" x 21"

Offered at $700


Peace & Calming

Mary: "The peace that comes from sedating the chatter of the mind and balancing all of the symptoms of the body. Use this piece to bring about relaxed states that allow the viewer to retreat from the stresses of everyday life."

Measures 33" x 21"

Offered at $700


Sedona Sandscape

Mary: "The beginnings of a great spiritual journey often start with events which propel us in a direction we may not even know we are going. With its great ebbs and flows, high bright points and low deep shadows, and mysteries to explore, a richness of experience lies before us on this journey we call life. While weaving this piece, I was constantly reminded of the action that cayenne pepper has on the body: stimulating circulation, getting things going. This was a pivotal piece which stimulated me onto my own healing journey."

This piece is quilted for relief and deep sculptural forms.

Measures 32" x 25"

Offered at $1200


Slot Canyon

...And at the end of the tunnel, there was a light...

Mary: "Deep, mysterious, dramatic, sweeping turns draw you in to its beauty. But just when you think you could never leave, you see the light at the end of the tunnel which draws you up to its radiance. Contemplate this analogy for the soul's journey through its many lives."

This piece is also quilted for relief and deep sculptural forms.

Measures approximately 33" x 32"

Offered at $1500

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