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Journey through Space and Time with ReikiWeave:

A New Method for Time Travel Repair from ReikiWeave© Founder and Reiki Master, Mary Hoyer

Wristband Three Colors

Many years ago, ReikiWeave Textile Products were born in a vision to Mary Hoyer, a Reiki Master and weaver. The result is a beautiful handwoven sacred geometry cloth, incorporating color harmonics and an intention for the transmission of Divine Love: wristbands, picture frames, patches, Personal Harmonics Kits, scarves, crystal clearing cloths, and more!

Our seven Personal Harmonics Kits are sets of 12 sacred geometry cloth patches. All together there are 84 combinations of colors, each with different energies. One of our favorite things to do is lay out all seven kits in sacred geometric patterns. Recently we have experienced that laying out ReikiWeave patches in a Tree of Life pattern could be used to align time and space.

Many of us did time travel work that took us to future times where judgments were made. These caused distortions or rips in time, making it difficult for us to move forward to our highest potential. The energetic blocks in our bodies not only are where we hold these judgments, but are clues or keys to where we need to direct energetic work, allowing the repair to happen in our bodies and the universe.

The symbol used in ReikiWeave textile products can be used as a key to open up communication between these dimensions and harmonize the energy. We currently have a limited number of all seven Personal Harmonics Kits left for those who feel called to do this work for themselves and others.

Step-by-step instructions will be included with the products to get you started. This is the time for those of us who signed on to do this work, to bring together our training, knowledge, tools, and techniques to help ourselves and others. As these rips in time are repaired, a harmony and alignment happens, clearing a pathway and making it easier for others to move forward on their given paths.

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