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Use a Sacred Symbol for the Vibration of God

to Awaken the Healing Force Within You

Divine Love Infinitum

Imagine the vibration of God - Divine Love - communicated through a key...

a sacred symbol...

...that opens the passageway to messages encoded in every cell and at every level of our being. It helps raise your frequency, opening the door to higher levels of communication. You will start experiencing and receiving your Divine essence to fully fuel your thoughts, emotions, and every cell in your body.

And this Divine essence will start manifesting in the world within and around you.

"Practicing Divine Love Infinitum helped me to transform difficult issues in my life. My chronic arthritis pain diminished significantly, I experienced more peace with family members and the general stress level of my life went down." --M.H. (Winnetka, IL)

World renowned Reiki Master and weaver Mary Hoyer brings this symbol to you in the ReikiWeave patch, along with her guided visualization CD, Divine Love Infinitum.

This simple yet profound technique along with the enclosed ReikiWeave patch allows you to access the consciousness of Divine Love. It clears the energetic blocks to awareness, awakens intuition, and is a powerful agent for healing.

Use this patch along with Mary’s visualization technique to dissolve energetic blocks and hear your body's messages clearly. The symbol in the ReikiWeave patch creates a powerful energy field incorporating the sacred geometry of Divine Love. Carry your patch in your pocket for continued benefits throughout the day, as a touchstone of your Divine Love experience that you can access all day long.

Awaken the healing force within you!

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Announcing the Winners of the REIKIWEAVE© SHAWL Raffle!

Shawl Thank you to everyone who has supported our new online store and our fundraiser for the Sonja Stockstill Breast Cancer Treatment Fund. Your support through buying product and spreading the word has meant the world to us and to Sonja.

The winner of the fabulous, last-of-its-kind ReikiWeave Shawl is...Karen Erickson of Orland Park, Illinois! This September, longtime ReikiWeave fan Karen is opening a spa especially for pets and the people who love them, and she tells us she can't wait to use her new shawl with her clients!

The following runners-up receive one-year subscriptions to Children of the New Earth Magazine, courtesy of the generous folks at New Earth Publications: Shelley Vlietstra, Eva Gairabetoff, Kare Possick, and others as we receive their permission to publish their names.

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