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Issue 1 Summer 2002

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In This Issue

* Indigo - The Color of Our Times
* Practitioner News
* Four Tips for Better Healing Treatments
* Homework for Clients
* ADD and Color
* Color, Miasm, and Multi-Dimensional Healing
* Recent World Events and Color
* Color Research
* Sacred Geometry Patch Layouts
* Pet Corner
* A complete guide to our Personal Harmonics Kits


All information on color provided by ReikiWeave Products or ReikiWeave News is

compiled from color researchers, their books, and the experiences of practitioners

and clients who have used ReikiWeave Products. The approaches described in this

newsletter are not offered as cures, prescriptions, diagnoses, or as a means of

diagnoses to certain conditions. The author and publisher assume no responsibility

in the correct or incorrect use of this information, and no attempt should be made

to use any of this information as a form of treatment without the approval and

guidance of your doctor.
    The benefits listed have been experienced by others but may not be your

experience. Each person and their condition is unique in its make-up and should have

thorough analysis by the appropriate practitioner and combined with all appropriate

therapies. This is for information only and not meant to replace medical advice and



Our Mission

The mission of ReikiWeave Products is to spread the energy and message of divine

love worldwide. Our vehicle is a handwoven chenille cloth incorporating an ancient

sacred symbol for divine love combined with high frequency colors. This symbol has a

balancing and harmonious effect wherever it is used. With focused intention,

ReikiWeave blessing patches have been used effectively for guided imagery, bodywork,

and gift giving worldwide.
Testing done by Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technologies & Techniques shows that

random energy is converted to coherent energy (harmonious and balanced) when the

ReikiWeave design is applied as well as an increase of frequency (energy). With this

in mind, ReikiWeave Products have been used to attune food, water, remedies,

medications, plumbing and electrical devices in order that we may raise the

frequency of the world around and within us.

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), father of homeopathy, said "Change the frequency

and you change the matter." By first raising our personal frequency, and then

affecting the frequency of the world around us, we can truly create the environment

for peace and love. ^back to top^


About Our Products

ReikiWeave handwoven fabrics are designed by ReikiMaster Mary Hoyer. The

patches made from this fabric incorporate energies of color harmonics, sacred

geometry, and intention.

The symbol of divine love aligns the chakras, opens the heart, and acts as a

communication device with all of the dimensional bodies.

The fabric connects with a multi-dimensional energy field--washing, cleansing,

and opening up all channels of communication with the higher self. Whatever you

place on it or use with it is amplified and broadcast through these channels. At the

same time, the energies are balanced. The combinations of color create harmonics to

address specific issues at all dimensional levels. While addressing a physical

issue, the emotional, mental and spiritual layers are affected as well.

Bodywork, visualization, vibrational remedies, tools, and healing modalities go

deeper and work faster because they are broadcast to the deepest levels when used

with ReikiWeave products.

ReikiWeave patches are laid on the body to remove blocked energy and to align

and open up the chakra system. Additional colors from our patch kits may be added to

build the harmonic field and integrate the new energies becoming available.

Patches may also be used for "hands on" color therapy, incorporating

visualization or meditation.

Because our fabrics create an energy field, they may be:
* Carried in a pocket
* Placed under food and water
* Used to clear crystals, oils and vitamins
* Harmonize and raise energy of other objects
* Used to send remedies and affirmations long distance

We have an extensive website with color and application information located at

http://www.reikiweave.com. Also available is a videotape demonstrating applications,

and an audiotape with a guided visualization. We also hold workshops for hands-on

practice for practitioners. ^back to top^


Indigo: The Color of Our Times by Mary Hoyer

In recent months, I have had a recurring vision of a powerful figure, indigo in

color. This figure had such strength. It stood tall and strong, and spoke its truth

by simply being who it was--fully integrated and moving forward as other lesser

energies simply fell away. Its strength and focus was such that, although appearing

like the title character in the film The Iron Giant, it did not need to fight. It

simply "would not allow."

How appropriate a message, in light of recent world events where our thoughts of

personal and world peace have been challenged. This figure with its total lack of

fear was bringing me messages about yet another color we must incorporate into our

ReikiWeave patches. What did it mean? What was its purpose? Why did we need it now?

As we began to weave it several months ago, the color began to reveal its purpose

and messages. "Stand in your truth." "Strength." "Integration." "Fearlessness."

"Focus." "Know who you are and why you have come here."

I was guided to put all my other projects aside to make sure that the colors

needed during this cycle would be ready: indigo, blue violet, a new magenta,

turquoise, and green. I also turned to other people who have researched,

experienced, and written about color. In the book Quantum Touch, indigo is said to

allow communication between spirit and body, "to help you know and understand your

inner wisdom." So much exploration and healing work has been done in the ethereal

bodies. It is now time to fully integrate those energies for maximum benefits. Also

note that indigo supports the utilization of minerals and body regulation as well as

the nervous system.

New Patch Colors

Our new patches incorporate indigo with our other new colors in order that the

benefits may be fully integrated. Magenta has been helpful in releasing trauma and

depression, because it supports the adrenal glands. It is also beneficial for ADD

and menopause. Darius Dinshah, author of the color therapy classic Let There Be

Light, also states that magenta is an aura builder which is balancing to both

emotions and circulation.

While violet is a spiritual color with a calming effect, it also stimulates the

spleen and has an antibiotic effect (as does indigo). According to author Vianna

Stibel, "As the blood passes through the spleen to the heart, a final cleansing

takes place to remove any harmful poison or bad cells." Click here for more info

at the Theta Healing website.

Turquoise has been found to stimulate the thymus gland, which supports the

immune system and has an overall balancing effect on the body. This favorably

enhances assimilation, temperature regulation, balance of bacteria, and hormone

levels. In combination with other colors we have used turquoise to assist in the

elimination of parasites and bacteria, PMS, and miasm. Over the past two years, we

have produced various shades of green and turquoise to address various frequencies

of bacteria.
Some interesting info about green from Vianna Stibel’s website: "It stimulates

the pituitary (the master gland)" and builds cells and tissues. This is nitrogen,

the substance of protein, and the builder of muscles." I have been having some

fantastic personal results combining green (muscle rebuilding), magenta (adrenal

support and menopause), and indigo (integration/strength).

New Generation Sets the Pace
In the book The Indigo Children by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, the authors speak

of a new generation of children who are highly tuned, gifted, and insightful.
These children are born already tuned to the indigo frequency. Many generations

of environmental toxins and miasm (inherited conditions) have created challenges,

such as ADD, for these children. I believe they have been "canaries in the coalmine"

for what I call "the indigo times."

Unfortunately, we are all faced with the results of many generations of

pollution and depletion of our environment and the resulting "blocks" in our

physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Creating Peace

The good news is we have the ability to remove these stubborn blocks to our health,

raise our vibration, and open up intuition. This will allow us to be in tune with

these indigo times. If we are to create world peace, it is essential that first we

find it within ourselves, fully integrating true spiritual awareness in this third

dimension. Each and every one of us resonates like a radio tower, sending out our

thoughts and feelings to those around and beyond us. As we think, we create.

ReikiWeave’s color harmonics incorporated with other therapies provide us with tools

which can quickly and gently open up all energetic pathways leading to full

integration and communication with all aspects of ourselves. ^back to top^


Practitioners News

We love hearing from practitioners who e-mail us with the many stories about how

they use ReikiWeave Products.

Janet Young, Reiki Master:
Janet’s husband broke his toe and was in great pain. After returning from the

hospital, she applied the purple/periwinkle cloth and the ivory/gold cloth. After

twenty minutes, the pain was gone. Another thirty minutes, the foot had turned from

black and blue to pink.

From Sonja Hallbeck - Reiki Master, Hypnosis, Reconnection energy:
"When clients call me with challenges during off hours, I write their name and a

healing intention on a piece of paper and place it on a patch with the colors and

remedies that will balance their condition. I also set up a crystal blessing bowl

with a patch in it and a written intention for all persons and their attachments to

be filled with divine love. ‘Fill all with divine love and everything that is

attached to them and that they are attached to.’ As I think of persons I wish to

send divine love to, I write their name on a piece of paper and place it in the

blessing bowl. Recipients of these prayers have reported many wonderful benefits."

Sonja has suggested that perhaps we should take pictures of places or maps and

put them in the blessing bowl. Remember your own picture as well. ^back to top^


Four Tips for Better Healing Treatments

1. Put your appointment book or name of client on a blessing patch to start

clearing their field after they have set an appointment. Visualize that all are

filled with divine love, as well as anything that is attached to them or that they

are attached to. It is not necessary to judge or define it--divine love energy will

take care of it. Clients will come into their sessions ready to heal and move

through issues more easily.

2. Ground clients from the beginning of their session and throughout with the indigo

and copper patches. They may be placed at the head and feet or held in their hands.

Energy work will broadcast through all dimensional bodies with the added benefit of

deeper integration of these supportive energies at a physical level.

3. Give your clients "homework" to do between healing sessions. Have them use a

Blessing Patch or Personal Harmonics Kit daily to visualize divine love healing

energy filling all physical, mental, and emotional issues. When unwanted thoughts or

symptoms come up, have them "fill it with divine love" while holding or wearing the

patch. The patch works as an inter-dimensional link and focus for clearing and

washing the energy field.
Clients who have a set of patches can pull the patches they are drawn to, lay

them out in any pattern they wish, and use the visualization technique which is

printed on our new packaging. A ten-minute audiotape with an expanded visualization

for relaxation and clearing energy is available instructing the user how to

incorporate the ReikiWeave patches in this exercise.

Encourage them to carry a patch in their pocket for as long as it feels good.

Urge them to drink water and move their body to assist moving cast-off energy out of

their body.

4. Remind yourself that all healing takes place within the client and that you are

simply there to create a safe place for them to "process" energy and information.

Many practitioners have reported seeing muscles release tension and backs go

into alignment by simply applying patches. Healing modalities and other tools become

much more effective with less effort because of the "blocks" cleared in other

dimensional bodies by the use of the patches.

Practitioners can wear indigo trimmed and gold patches to keep their energy

field clear from absorbing "cast off" energies as well as staying grounded and

strong. ^back to top^


Homework for Clients
By Sonja Hallbeck

In the course of seeing clients who come to me for Reiki, Reconnection Energy, and

hypnosis over a period of time, I have seen the most rapid progress when the client

uses the chakra balancing set between appointments.

I begin their healing session by having them choose the colors that they are

drawn to and lay them out in any pattern they wish or hold them. After looking at

the colors, I have them close their eyes, focus on an issue they wish to heal and

say, "It is healed and made whole in Divine Love," and breathe. After two minutes, I

take them through the rest of their healing session. Because of the harmonic field

set up by the colors, sacred geometry, and intention, a kind of attunement takes

place that allows for deeper work to be done.

At the end of the treatment, I remind them to use this technique daily,

incorporating their own chakra balancing set with the visualization audiotape.

I encourage them to carry a patch in their pocket to assist in keeping their

energy field clear. As issues arise, they can say "It is healed." Their subconscious

mind is attuned to the full message from their longer healing sessions and is able

to make shifts in seconds. ^back to top^


Attention Deficit Disorder and Color

Practitioners have reported incorporating ReikiWeave Products with other tools and

modalities to assist in healing a variety of conditions, such as carpal tunnel

syndrome, fibromyalgia, parasites, stress, trauma, ADD, and miasm. This requires

asking a variety of questions and testing for the tools that will work best for the

Let’s take a condition like ADD and examine a number of possible issues that may

need to be addressed. Dr. Daniel Amen states in his book Healing ADD that the

condition should be called Adrenal Deficiency Disorder. This would explain why we

have watched clients respond well to magenta, purple, and periwinkle which, while

calming and focusing, stimulate the adrenal glands that send adrenaline to the


ADD and Adrenal Gland Function

The adrenal glands, which are part of the endocrine system, affect hormones.

These hormones control other organ functions, overall energy levels, and the ability

to function. When hormone levels are depleted, they have a domino effect on the

An example given by Hannah Kroeger explains that lead, a toxic heavy metal, is

used in the United States to bleach white sugar. This molecule is similar in size to

calcium and absorbed into the bone blocking absorption of calcium. This may be the

cause of the aching bones we call growing pains - bones trying to grow, but starved

for calcium. In the mean time, ingested calcium that is not absorbed can back up

into the pancreas, causing stones, creating blood sugar imbalances, and an increased

sensitivity to foods containing white sugar. Lack of absorbed calcium also affects

digestion, creating chemical imbalances, allowing parasitic and candida overgrowth.

In the meantime, heavy metals accumulate in the adrenal glands and deplete them.

Heavy metals also break off dendrites in the brain, affecting synapses.

DNA and Miasm

Now imagine for a moment that these residues and their effects not only affect

the individual, but alter the DNA, passing this memory and its effects down each

generation. If the adrenal glands have been stressed and weakened over several

generations, it is likely that current offspring will show a deficiency in this

area. This would explain why a hypersensitivity to certain foods, chemicals, and

stimuli can often be seen from birth. These alterations in the DNA are also known as

The good news is there are solutions to this scenario. In addition to dietary

changes, exercise, and behavior modification, using the ReikiWeave visualization

audiotape with the personal harmonics kit can be very powerful. When using the kit,

we intuitively choose the colors we need for issues we are working on and lay them

out in sacred geometry patterns which affect us on a profound level. Colors may

correlate with the following:

* Hyperactivity - Magenta, purple, periwinkle, gold, indigo
* Parasites - Turquoise/gold
* Chemicals- Turquoise/gold
* Ritalin - Indigo/gold/metallic copper
* Spiritual Protection - Violet/gold
The harmonics created by these colors can release the frequencies of miasm,

chemicals, and other unwanted energies making way for highly harmonized energies to

be integrated-- this will allow the user to operate at their highest potential. We

look forward to devoting more time to this topic in future issues. ^back to top^


Color, Miasm, and Multi-Dimensional Healing

Over the centuries, much has been written about colors vibrating at specific

energy centers in the body. When colors are combined, a harmonic field is set up

between two or more energy centers and connects with a point outside the body,

creating an energetic triangle called a harmonic convergence.

This point is a contact into one of the many ethereal bodies and its chakra

system. When combined with the ReikiWeave symbol, these triangularly shaped harmonic

fields extend endlessly into all of the energy centers of all dimensional bodies.

This matrix is a communication system between the many aspects of ourselves.

When broadcasting color harmonics through this system, we are able to remove

blocks in these channels (miasm) allowing for more complete communication. We call

this multi-dimensional healing.

When energetic blocks are removed in the physical body and they return, it is an

indication that the block exists at a deeper layer, re-manifesting at the physical

level again through this matrix. This is why the ability to broadcast any healing

energy (color, sound, remedies, crystals, prayer, etc.) needs to happen at all

levels to insure complete healing by opening the matrix or channels of

communication. ^back to top^


Recent World Events and Color

World events of this past year have presented us with a great number of mental and

emotional issues to deal with: trauma, depression, fear, and great loss. Often, the

resulting thoughts and emotions are old issues being stimulated and brought to our

attention for healing. If those experiences have been held somewhere in the physical

body, then both chronic and acute conditions may arise as well. ReikiWeave patches

used in conjunction with other forms of therapy can help accelerate results because

of their multi-dimensional reach. During any chosen therapy - including bodywork or

hypnosis - lay patches on the body where the energy is blocked or hold them in your

hands and say, "It is healed and made whole in divine love" and breathe. Some of the

color combinations that have been effective include:

* Trauma - Purple/periwinkle, gold, indigo
* Emotional release and depression - Magenta/gold
* Courage, strength, clarity - Indigo on Ivory or gold
* Loss - Purple/periwinkle and magenta

As these issues and others are cleared, indigo can be added to help with

grounding and integration of the supporting energies. Other colors that may be

needed to address physical blockage:

* Turquoise - Immune system, burns and infection, balanced nutrition, chemical toxicity
* Lemon, yellow - Clearing waste, mucous, deposits
* Lime, green, turquoise green - Bacteria, virus, fungus, mold

Check the enclosed color descriptions for other issues that you may be dealing

with or simply dowse. Intuitive use of color often brings up underlying issues that

are an important part of the surface issue. ^back to top^


Color Research

Color has been studied, researched, and written about extensively, especially in the

20th century. During clinical studies, it was found that we have a chemical response

to color even when blindfolded. Knowledge of these responses has been widely used in

marketing and decorating to stimulate us to eat and influence us to buy.

Hospital emergency rooms, trauma centers, and doctors offices have also used

color for its calming effect. One emergency room changed its tagging system of

putting a red blanket on patients who needed to be seen first when they realized

that it increased the risk of cardiac arrest and bleeding in trauma victims.

Let There Be Light documents the color work of Dinshah Ghadiali treating

hundreds of chronic and acute conditions, including the plague. Also included is

information outlining Dr. Kate Baldwin’s use of color for burn victims in a

Philadelphia hospital.

Some other authors and researchers include:

* Faber Birren - Many titles
* Dr. Edwin . Babbitt - The Principles of Light & Color
* Dr. Seth Pancoast - Light and its Rays as Medicine
* Carlton Wagner - Color Power
^back to top^

Sacred Geometry Patch Layouts

Working and exploring with other intuitive practitioners has been an interesting

and exciting time. Together, we have brought many new pieces to the circle of

information which has helped so many accelerate healing on a physical, mental, and

emotional level.Because of the discoveries we are making, I know that we can see these benefits on a

societal and global level, as well as agriculture and technology.

One of the intuitive discoveries brought to me from Karen Erickson, Reiki Master

and animal communicator, was that of sacred geometry layouts for the patches. These

layouts are included with the personal harmonics kits. Previous to using these

layouts, (1) we simply laid a patch or combination of patches where the energy was

. Then we started to see patches being laid along the entire chakra system.

As we were guided to weave additional color frequencies, we discovered a

* Clear an issue or block
* Clear a complex or miasmic block
* Integrate energy through the opened matrix
* Fortify integration of specific simple energies
* Regenerate new cellular structure
Inter-dimensional connections are made through layouts of ReikiWeave patches in

sacred geometry patterns. Not only do these patterns align the body and the matrix,

but they connect you with specific types of information (a language, if you will)

that is integrated on a cellular level.

The process of opening up the matrix with (2) the clearing technique which is on our

CD and working with the Personal Harmonics Kit is the beginning
. When using

these sacred geometry layouts after aligning the chakras and opening up and fortifying

the body's matrix energy system, the ability to process information of an expanded nature from

other dimensions happens at a cellular level, integrating new systems, situations, and ways of

doing things. Choose a pattern or let a pattern choose you, taking you wherever you need to go to

process information.

For this issue, we will discuss two layouts of great importance for the year


The (4)Octet Crystal (or Tree of Life as Karen calls it) helps align the entire

structure to achieve the highest potential and "put things right." I laid this

pattern out on the floor and performed Tai Chi over it. I felt my bones shift into a

new and more powerful structure.

The next layout combines the energy of (5) Arcturian and Orion energies. Arcturus

for its strong indigo nature: clear strong, steadfast, unstoppable. Orion for its

compassion, love, and peace. When I first saw the Orion layout, I knew we could

travel to many star systems using the sacred geometry "maps" to gather information.

As I was shown that we need Arcturus and Orion layouts combined and what it looked

like, I almost fell over. This is the sacred geometry pattern we have been weaving

all along! We just needed color harmonics to open us up so we could receive this and

other energies that are very much needed right now.

The (6) hexagonal layout works on heart and survival issues. It balances out

the base (first) chakra, and opens the heart (fifth) chakra, allowing the energy to

connect, move up, and then expand out. When layouts are complete, you may go back

and add additional patches to expand the harmonics at specific points or fill in the

overall layout. The number of patches used may also be related to what the body is ready

to process. Please feel free to put any color (or group of colors) where needed.

For those of you who have been with me and using the ReikiWeave fabrics since

1997, this has been quite a journey. But the truth is, the real journey is about to

begin. As you work with the ReikiWeave patches please allow for the patterns and

ways you use them to evolve. Watch children play with them--they do the most amazing

things. I watched a fifteen-month-old child "play" with the Chakra Set for twenty

minutes, stacking and grouping colors in threes and then arranging them in geometric

layouts. When she was done, she got up and walked away. Some children will put them

on their body, or hold them instinctively where they need them.

One grandmother leaves the patches out on the coffee table, where grandchildren

and other family members pick them up and stroke them, wear them, and put them

back--sometimes unaware they were doing anything. Placement of patches around the

house or room has also been a popular way to balance the energy of a space.

layouts 3 and 4

layouts 5 and 6

---------->Let us Know!<----------
Please email sonja@reikiweave.com with stories about how you are using our products

and the results you are getting. We are also interested in hearing about your

experiences with the layouts or any new layouts you may discover. Please let us know

if we can quote you in our next issue! ^back to top^


Pet Corner

ReikiWeave customers find many ways to help their animal friends with our products.

One of the most popular ways has been to take a wristband and wrap it around a

collar or put two or three together to make a collar. For animals who are nervous

due to thunder or going to the vet, the purple/periwinkle band can be quite helpful.

One vet noted the calming effect on a four-legged patient who she knew quite

well. Others have also noted that it helped to reduce hyperactivity and bring about

calmness (a result seen in humans as well). For animals who have been sick, the

turquoise/purple band can be added to boost the immune system. If the animal is

detoxing, the purple/periwinkle may help balance their pH, increasing their comfort


Karen Erickson, Reiki Master and animal communicator, uses all of our products

on her dogs, cats, and bird. She conducted an experiment with water and food,

testing the electrical energy available from it to run a digital clock with probes

(such as a potato clock from Radio Shack). After microwaving water and food samples

which were previously able to fuel this clock they showed no energy. Then the same

food and water samples were placed on patches and able to run the clock in two to

five minutes. Karen places patches under food and water dishes as well as bedding

and cages to raise the life force energy and harmonize any toxic energies for all of

her pets.

Be sure to pay attention to the signals your pets give you about the cloth.

Reiki Master Lisa Lemes reported that her dog Mickey, who had a tumor in his throat,

was very attached to his purple/periwinkle neckband. One day, when it had slipped

off, she found him scooting it across the floor and into a corner in an attempt to slip

it back on.

Practitioner Olga Boor shares the story of her cat, who had chronic infections.

The cat took up residence on the gold cloth, and joined Olga on the massage table

when she was giving herself a treatment. As Olga changed cloth colors, the cat got

up and repositioned himself for optimal contact with the cloth. The next day, Olga

noted the cat’s disposition had changed from crabby to pleasant.

Note that if a color is too stimulating or not appropriate, your pet will let

you know by biting at it, trying to take it off, or by walking away. Even our nine

and a half year old bunny in his last two months before transition would seek out

specific colors to lay his head on. When we laid a ReikiWeave cloth on his back, he

would stop grinding his teeth and purr. When he had enough, he would simply shake

his cloth off and hop away. ^back to top^


Personal Harmonics Kits

Patch Sets & Descriptions of Color Harmonics

Set 1 - Chakra Balancing (set of twelve patches)
Click to enlarge
50 kb
Our first set of 12 patches address chakra balancing using single colors on golden

fabrics, with the recent addition of copper and indigo for grounding. Indigo in

particular has helped focus more healing in the body. It grounds, and incorporates a

smooth sustainable energy. We recommend using indigo throughout a treatment.

1. Gold/magenta - balanced circulation, adrenal glands, self love.
2. Gold/purple - relaxes, lowers blood pressure & appetite, relieves pain.
3. Gold/blue - calming, oxygenating, pineal gland, creativity, cooling.
4. Gold/turquoise builds immune system, fights infection, skin building.
5. Gold/green - Stimulates pituitary gland, destroy infection, build cells and

6. Gold/indigo - Balances and grounds energy in the body; strong deep.
7. Gold/new gold - Cleansing, healing, opening to all functions.
8. Gold/yellow gold - Aids digestion, cleansing on physical and emotional levels.
9. Gold/orange - Aids nutritional assimilation, oxygen, relieves cramps and gas.
10. Gold/red - Stimulate circulation and senses, liver builder.
11. Gold/copper - Transmutes and makes energy usable; warming, cleansing.
12. Gold/violet - Stimulates intuition, relaxes; relieves some headaches.

Set 2 (set of twelve patches)

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45 kb

Provides additional colors to expand frequencies relating to bacteria, purification,

grounding, and adrenal support. This may be beneficial at times when a broader range

of frequency is needed; for example, with multiple bacteria, parasites, and bone


1. Gold/lemon - Loosens and clears mucous, calcium and lime deposits.
2. Gold/lime - Antibacterial.
3. Gold/turquoise green - Antibacterial, rebuilds muscle and tissue.
4. Gold/white - Expands energy.
5. Gold/dark magenta - Adrenal gland builder.
6. Gold/purple-blue, multi - Stress.
7. Gold/silver - Cleansing, cooling.
8. Gold/brown - Grounding.
9. Gold/metallic copper - Stronger energy for transformation.
10. Gold/metallic silver - Stronger energy for clearing.
11. Gold/blue/new gold - Inner peace.
12. Gold/copper/new gold - Transformation at deep level.

Set 3 (set of twelve patches)
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51 kb
These are complete harmonics often relating to miasm (inherited conditions) and

their effects. These are powerful and work on many dimensional levels.

1. Violet/gold/new gold - Strengthens pituitary-pineal connection.
2. Violet/copper/new gold - Transmute toxic energies, connect upper and lower chakras.
3. Violet/silver/silver - Purifies upper chakras, cooling; bones, teeth.
4. Purple/periwinkle/new gold - Relax, ground, focus, reduce swelling, oxygenate.
5. Magenta/periwinkle/ new gold - Stimulate adrenal glands, calm and focus the mind.
6. Magenta/avocado/lime - Deep bone and lung issues, infection, rebuilding.
7. Magenta/gold/new gold - Emotional release, depression, adrenal glands, build aura.
8. Magenta/turquoise green/turquoise green - Balance systems of the body, rebuild aura, rebuild cells and tissue.
9. Turquoise/copper/turquoise - Transmutes toxic energy, warming, eyes.
10. Turquoise/silver/turquoise - Balancing, purifying, oxygenating, cooling.
11. Turquoise/gold/new gold - Supports immune system, PMS, parasite cleanse. Balance nutrition.
12. Turquoise/purple/turquoise - Connect heart and mind. Address miasm, fever, and immune system.

Set 4 (set of twelve patches)
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50 kb
Indigo strengthens the connections between spiritual and physical bodies. Use after

set three which cleared miasm and opened up energetic blocks. These patches are

banded in indigo. They focus and integrate complex energies in the physical body.

1. Magenta/turquoise/indigo - Indigo children, compassion, menopause, adrenal glands.
2. Magenta/gold/indigo - Integration of new emotional strength and attitudes and immune function.
3. Magenta/silver/indigo - Heart and circulatory issues.
4. Magenta/copper/indigo - Transmute and strengthen heart and emotional issues.
5. Violet/gold/indigo - Integration of spiritual information through pituitary gland.
6. Violet/silver/indigo - Clearing old spiritual concepts that no longer work.
7. Violet/copper/indigo - Integrate ability to transmute all energy to transmute all energy into usable energy.
8. Violet/turquoise/indigo - Correct wrong thinking that affects the immune system, strengthen spleen.
9. Turquoise/copper/indigo - Integrate new way immune system adapts and balances.
10. Turquoise/silver/indigo - Integrate new way immune system clears.
11. Turquoise/gold/indigo - Integration of balanced immune system.
12. Turquoise/purple/indigo - Integration of mind/body energy.

Set 5 (set of twelve patches)
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Predominantly indigo for an overall strengthening effect, completing integration of

single focused energy.

1. Indigo/copper/indigo - Neurological and cardiovascular systems.
2. Indigo/silver/indigo - Bones, teeth, tendons, muscles, cartilage, nails.
3. Indigo/gold/indigo - Organs, glands, soft tissues, skin, hair, eyes.
4. Indigo/lime/indigo - Bacteria, bones.
5. Indigo/magenta/indigo - Adrenal glands.
6. Indigo/light violet/indigo - Production of white blood cells, tranquility.
7. Indigo/turquoise green/indigo - Muscle and cell rejuvenation.
8. Indigo/turquoise/indigo - Thymus gland.
9. Indigo/blue/indigo - Throat.
10. Indigo/purple/indigo - Third eye, brain.
11. Golden/violet/new gold - higher thought, headaches associated with spiritual expansion energies.
12. Turquoise/lime/indigo - Resistance to bacteria, strengthen immune system.

Set 6 (set of twelve patches)
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This set is for integrating indigo. A combination of simple and complex harmonics

especially helpful to attuning to the indigo frequencies that are coming in at this

time. What makes this set different are the trim colors. They include metallic

copper and indigo which integrate the effects of the fabric colors with an

additional intensity of energy needed to affect denser energetic blocks (i.e.,


1. Indigo/gold/metallic copper - Ritalin.
2. Indigo/turquoise/indigo * - Balance and immune support.
3. Turquoise/magenta/indigo - Compassion (balance/adrenals/grounding).
4. Turquoise/lime/turquoise green - Infection.
5. Purple/periwinkle/indigo - Calming and grounding.
6. Magenta/copper/metallic copper - Deep hurt/adrenal glands.
7. Magenta/copper/new gold - Addiction.
8. Violet/gold/indigo * - Integrate higher frequencies in third dimension.
9. Butter/violet/new gold - Spiritual protection.
10. Ivory/gold/indigo * - Grounding.
11. Purple/gold/metallic copper - Transmute spiritual concepts that don’t work.
12. Magenta/gold/metallic copper - Transmute emotional hurt.

Set 7 (set of twelve patches)

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Predominantly turquoise green for cell and tissue regeneration. Trimmed in indigo,

assists assimilation and integration. Metallic tri-color (copper/silver/gold) for

very deep level regenerative work.

1. Green/copper/indigo - Neurological and cardiovascular systems.
2. Green/silver/indigo - Bones, teeth, tendons, cartilage, muscles, nails.
3. Green/gold/indigo - Organs, glands, soft tissues, hair, eyes, skin.
4. Green/amethyst/indigo - Brain.
5. Green/lime/indigo - Bones.
6. Green/green/indigo - Cells, tissue.
7. Green/gold/metallic - Organs, glands, soft tissues, hair, eyes, skin.
8. Green/copper/metallic - Neurological and cardiovascular systems.
9. Green/silver/metallic - Bones, teeth, tendons, cartilage, muscles, nails.
10. Green/green/metallic - Cells, tissue.
11. Green/amethyst/metallic - Brain.
12. Green/lime/metallic - Bones.


The colors in the first two sets open up and align the chakras. This makes the

body ready for deeper miasmic clearing work in Set Three. Set Four integrates the

complex harmonics of Set three more fully in the body after the pathways have been

cleared and opened up - connecting the spiritual or ethereal with the physical. Set

Five fine tunes the body and fills in energetic "gaps." Set Six helps to more fully

attune to the indigo frequencies. Set Seven is restorative and regenerative.


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