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Care Instructions

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Dry cleaning is the best method for the long-term care of our fabrics. Please be aware that WARM water and/or heat from a dryer will cause excessive shrinkage.
Chenille and Shiny Fiber
Dry clean only. May be refreshed with a steamer. Do not machine wash.
Dry clean OR Machine wash COLD, gentle cycle. Shape and hang dry, like a sweater. Fluff on your dryer's cool (not low heat) air setting to re-soften the texture after the piece is dry.
All ReikiWeave Patches
Hand wash cold, dry flat. Dry cleaning would work as well, but this can be impractical due to the small size of the patches.
To order our products, inquire about training, and for practitioner support, please call Sonja at 877-238-2593 or email sonja at ReikiWeave dot com.
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